Message from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan!

Because of the endless opportunities Saskatchewan and its university has to offer, the decision to move across Canada and make the U of S my new home was quite easy. I see our college its students, faculty, staff and alumni playing a pivotal role in building on Saskatchewan’s momentum, and I am quite excited to be involved.

Throughout its rich 100+ year history, the College of Engineering has established an outstanding regional, national and international reputation for excellence in teaching and research. This is due to its talented faculty and staff, its research initiatives, as well as its excellent curricula, its modern facilities and most important, the quality of its graduates.  Our college contributes significantly through its research, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and outreach activities.  Our engineering graduates transition easily into their professions as well-rounded, people-oriented leaders, whether it is here at home or around the world.  The College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan is in an admirable position having been able to foster tremendously strong relationships with industry partners, alumni and government.   The benefit of these strong relationships can be easily seen in the high quality of our programs, graduates, faculty and research initiatives.

We believe in our students and we value their success. The college has produced an impressive cohort of alumni, including eminent professionals, successful entrepreneurs, influential leaders and responsible citizens, who are fiercely loyal and proud of their alma mater.  In turn, we are supported by our alumni who, through their generous gifts of time, expertise, and resources to help us thrive as a college and shape new generations of professional engineers. We encourage our students to take advantage of all the supports available to them at the University of Saskatchewan – the gifted and knowledgeable people, the experience of fellow students, the research opportunities, and the stunning environment of our campus and our city.  

With a forward thinking attitude we realize that the engineers of the future, in order to succeed in a competitive environment, will require more than the traditional technical education provided by our college and other similar schools of engineering in the past.  To this end, the College of Engineering, with the generous help of alumni, established the first centre of its kind in North America – The Ron and Jane Graham School for Professional Development in the College of Engineering.  The centre focuses on preparing undergraduate students to present themselves as professional communicators and provides opportunities for graduate study in diverse areas of interest.

We are proud of our outstanding faculty and staff, whose cutting edge research is relevant to the needs of society and is well recognized by peers all over the word.  Research is a priority to our college and the university.  The U of S is a member of the U15, meaning that it is among the eminent research-intensive universities in Canada.  Our talented faculty bring their excitement and love of research into the class room.  Our goal is to give students the opportunity to experience research and hands-on learning starting from the first day they step through our door.  Through our internship program, undergraduate and graduate students gain practical experience working with industry, a win-win relationship for both partners and students.  With 7 Canada Research and Industrial Chairs our faculty is at the forefront of research initiatives that cover the entire spectrum of engineering disciplines.

Looking forward the College of Engineering will make every effort to continue to be known for its high-quality programs, innovation and relevance to industry and society. We will pursue the following priority areas:

Priority Areas                       


We will also continue to search out additional opportunities that allow for further interdisciplinary collaboration. We are in a position to attract the best and brightest students and faculty from Canada and around the world and will continue to do so.  We will strive to engage meaningfully with our partners and communities.  A priority for our college will be to enhance our engagement with our talented Aboriginal peoples who are underrepresented in engineering today.  Another focus will be to increase female representation in engineering both at the academic and industry levels.  I invite you to review the college’s Strategic Plan to learn more about our ambitions and directions.   

If you are interested in learning more about the college, I encourage you to explore our website.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me by email at or by phone 306-966-5593.