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The Alumni Wall of Distinction honours the lifetime career achievements of distinguished engineering alumni with recognition and prestige. The recognition of distinguished alumni provides students with role models and allows the college to proudly displaying the outstanding career accomplishments. The Alumni Wall of Distinction recognizes the contributions that have been made to the University, College, engineering profession, and to society by graduates of the College of Engineering.

Students, alumni and college employees are invited to nominate graduates of the College of Engineering who they feel should be honoured with membership to the Alumni Wall of Distinction.

Nominations can be submitted electronically or by mailing to the address below and must include

  • A list of special achievements and a work history for the nominee outlining why this person deserves to be nominated to the Engineering Alumni Wall of Distinction.
  • Three letters of support for the nomination.

The criteria for induction include:

  • Has demonstrated outstanding contributions to engineering and/or society over a sustained period of time.
  • Has brought honour to the University of Saskatchewan, College of Engineering through significant achievement in his/her career.
  • Has earned a high level of professional respect for his/her stature, integrity, and ability.
  • Has contributed to engineering education through support for the College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.

Nomination Deadline:  April 15

For more information please contact
Shawna Jardine
Alumni Relations Coordinator
College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan
57 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK   S7N 5A9
Phone:  (306) 966-5286
Fax:  (306) 966-5205 or e-mail: or

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