Graduate Studies

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Engineering Graduate Studies - People

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Department Head: Mehdi Nemati
     Administrative Assistant: Collette Wiebe
Graduate Chair, Biological: Oon-Doo Baik
     Graduate Assistant: Jaime Provo
Graduate Chair, Chemical: Jafar Soltan
     Graduate Assistant: Jaime Provo

Civil and Geological Engineering

Department Head: Leon Wegner
     Administrative Assistant: Cynthia Hanke
Graduate Chair: Chris Hawkes
     Graduate Assistant: Sophie Findlay

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Chair: Seok-Bum Ko
     Graduate Assistant: Jan Compain

Mechanical Engineering

Department Head: David Torvi
     Administrative Assistant: Janai Simonson
Graduate Chair: Carey Simonson
     Graduate Assistant: Lily Zhu

Biomedical Engineering

Graduate Chair: Daniel Chen
     Graduate Assistant: Jaime Provo
College of Engineering - Senior Leaders
Dean: Don Bergstrom
     Executive Assistant: Meghan McLaughlin
     Administrative Assistant: Hilary Balaberda
Associate Dean Academic: Bruce Sparling
     Administrative Assistant: Krista Sanderson
Associate Dean Research: Don Bergstrom
     Clerical Assistant: Samantha Schwieger