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biosorption (2 experts)
biomaterials (2 experts)
bio-fabrication (1 expert)
biomass (1 expert)
biofuels (1 expert)
biomass pretreatment (1 expert)
biomass and bioenergy (2 experts)
bioethanol (1 expert)
biochemical engineering (3 experts)
biotechnology (1 expert)
bioprocess development (1 expert)
baker's yeast (1 expert)
bioremediation (3 experts)
biocorrosion (1 expert)
bioreactor (1 expert)
bitumen (1 expert)
biomechanics (2 experts)
building physics (1 expert)
bluff-body aerodynamics (1 expert)
bone (1 expert)
ballistic impact testing (1 expert)
biomedical devices (1 expert)
bridges (1 expert)
bridge engineering (1 expert)
bond and development of reinforcement (1 expert)
biogas production from anaerobic digestion and gasification (1 expert)
bio-separation (1 expert)
biomedical (1 expert)
biometric security (1 expert)
body sensor network (1 expert)
biomedical engineering (1 expert)
bio-based resins (1 expert)


control systems (2 experts)
convex optimization (1 expert)
computer simulation (1 expert)
chemical reaction design (1 expert)
catalysts and kinetics (1 expert)
corrosion (2 experts)
chemical metallurgy (1 expert)
carbon dioxide (1 expert)
computational mechanics (2 experts)
codes and standards (1 expert)
cone calorimeter (1 expert)
coatings (1 expert)
composites (2 experts)
computed tomography (1 expert)
cartilage (1 expert)
carbon/carbon composites (1 expert)
culvert hydraulics (1 expert)
contaminant transport (1 expert)
climate change impacts (1 expert)
communication over fibre/cable networks (1 expert)
carrier recovery (1 expert)
cement-based materials (1 expert)
constitutive modeling (1 expert)
corrosion of reinforcing steels (1 expert)
code calibration (1 expert)
carbon sequestration (1 expert)
caprock integrity (1 expert)
clay (1 expert)
CMOS (1 expert)
catalysis studies using synchrotron beams (1 expert)
catalysts and absorbents material development (1 expert)
CO2 reforming (1 expert)
contaminated site assessment and remediation (1 expert)
computer engineering (1 expert)
computer architecture (1 expert)
computer arithmetic (1 expert)
compute-intensive (1 expert)
communication systems (1 expert)
communication (2 experts)
community of practice (1 expert)
climate change and impacts on hydrology and water resources (1 expert)
characterization and testing (1 expert)


digital signal processing (1 expert)
detection and estimation (1 expert)
drying and storage (1 expert)
densification (1 expert)
deformation and failure analysis (2 experts)
digital systems (1 expert)
detectors (1 expert)
deep X-ray lithography (1 expert)
decision analysis (1 expert)
durability of construction materials (1 expert)
damage mechanics (1 expert)
drowning (1 expert)
deregulation (1 expert)
digital (1 expert)
data science (1 expert)
digital system design (1 expert)
dynamic modeling (1 expert)
drylands (1 expert)


environmental bioengineering (1 expert)
emerging pollutants (1 expert)
environmental catalysts (1 expert)
equations of state (1 expert)
environmental (1 expert)
environmental modelling (1 expert)
eutrophication (1 expert)
environmental engineering (1 expert)
effluent disposal (1 expert)
economic modeling (1 expert)
economic impact of extreme events (1 expert)
engineering geology (1 expert)
environmental protection (1 expert)
erosion (1 expert)
empirical mine design (1 expert)
energy and mass transport in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum (1 expert)
electrostatics (1 expert)
economic operation (1 expert)
energy storage (1 expert)
energy demand management (1 expert)
energy efficiency (2 experts)
embedded system (1 expert)
engineering ethics (1 expert)
engineering and society (1 expert)
engineering pedagogy (1 expert)
environmental and water resources systems analysis (1 expert)
engineering design (1 expert)


forage process engineering (1 expert)
feed processing (1 expert)
food and biomaterial processing (1 expert)
food safety and quality (1 expert)
Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (1 expert)
fermentation (1 expert)
fuel alcohol (1 expert)
fluid mechanics (1 expert)
fluid structure interactions (1 expert)
flow separation (1 expert)
fire science (1 expert)
fire testing (1 expert)
firefighting (1 expert)
finite element modeling (1 expert)
ferrous alloys (1 expert)
fish passage technologies (1 expert)
flood analysis and modeling (1 expert)
fundamental soil behaviour (1 expert)
fibre-reinforced concrete (1 expert)
fiber reinforced composites (1 expert)
fiber reinforced polymers (1 expert)
fine-grained soils (1 expert)
fault-tolerant electronics (1 expert)
fuel alcohols dehydration (1 expert)
fluidized beds (1 expert)
freezing contaminated soils (1 expert)
FPGA (2 experts)
fluorescence imaging (1 expert)
fuel cells (1 expert)
fluid power (1 expert)
frozen soils (1 expert)
flood risk (1 expert)


geotechnical: saturated/unsaturated soil mechanics (1 expert)
geomechanics (1 expert)
ground control (2 experts)
gas processing (1 expert)
gasification (1 expert)
geoenvironmental (1 expert)
gas transfer (1 expert)
geotechnical modelling (1 expert)
ground improvement methods (1 expert)
groundwater modeling (1 expert)
geothermal energy (1 expert)
geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering (1 expert)
geosynthetics (1 expert)
geoenvironmental engineering (1 expert)
geology (1 expert)
gas purification (1 expert)
green polymers (1 expert)
generation (1 expert)
Geo-environmental Engineering, groundwater flow and contaminant transport, mine waste management, project management, engineering economics (1 expert)
groundwater resource management (1 expert)
groundwater quality (1 expert)
groundwater modelling (1 expert)


hydrometallurgy (1 expert)
heat and mass transfer (1 expert)
heterogeneous catalysis (2 experts)
hydrotreating (1 expert)
hydrocarbons (1 expert)
heat and moisture transfer (1 expert)
HVAC (1 expert)
heat exchangers (1 expert)
heat transfer (1 expert)
heat release rate (1 expert)
health and safety (1 expert)
hydraulic structures (2 experts)
high aspect ratio (1 expert)
hydrogeology (2 experts)
high-aspect-ratio structures (1 expert)
hydrology (3 experts)
hydrologic prediction (1 expert)
hydrogeochemistry (1 expert)
heat transport in porous media (1 expert)
H2S chemical split for hydrogen (1 expert)
Hg emission control (1 expert)
Hyperspectral Imaging (1 expert)
hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria (1 expert)
health monitoring (1 expert)
heat and moisture transfer in granular media (1 expert)
hydrologic modelling (1 expert)
Hydrological Modeling (1 expert)
hydraulics (1 expert)
hydrological change in northern latitudes (1 expert)
hydrological processes (1 expert)
hydrological modelling (1 expert)



joint roughness (1 expert)


kinetics (1 expert)


liquid-to-air energy exchangers (1 expert)
LIGA (1 expert)
life cycle analysis (1 expert)
life cycle performance of bridges (1 expert)
large-scale testing (1 expert)
landfill engineering (1 expert)
low-head dams (1 expert)
logic (1 expert)
learning (1 expert)


multi-rate signal processing (1 expert)
mine backfill (1 expert)
mineral processing (1 expert)
metals recovery / recycling (1 expert)
Materials Science and Engineering (1 expert)
mechatronics (2 experts)
materials synthesis and characterization (1 expert)
microbiology (1 expert)
microbial fuel cell technology (1 expert)
multiphase reactors (1 expert)
materials (5 experts)
magnesium (1 expert)
molten salts (1 expert)
mechanical testing (1 expert)
magnetic resonance imaging (1 expert)
magnesium alloys (1 expert)
MEMS/NEMS (1 expert)
micro/nano fluidics (1 expert)
mining (2 experts)
microwave circuits (1 expert)
machine learning techniques (1 expert)
mechanics of composite materials (1 expert)
microelectronics (1 expert)
Machine Vision (1 expert)
multiphase flow (1 expert)
microbial community characterization (1 expert)
market clearing price (1 expert)
medical informatics (1 expert)
medical imaging (2 experts)
Modelling localized corrosion (1 expert)
measurement of protective film growth and damage on metals (1 expert)
metals (1 expert)
material processing (1 expert)
mobile equipment (1 expert)
modelling flow and transport in the hydrological cycle (1 expert)



OFDM communications (1 expert)
oil sand tailing (1 expert)
ozone reaction (1 expert)
oilsands tailings (1 expert)
osteoarthritis (1 expert)
osteoporosis (1 expert)
open channel hydraulics (1 expert)
opto-electronic materials and devices (1 expert)
operating risk (1 expert)
optimization (1 expert)


process modeling (1 expert)
process flowsheet development (1 expert)
process optimization (1 expert)
pelleting (1 expert)
postharvest technology (1 expert)
process design and optimization (1 expert)
petroleum processing (1 expert)
polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) (1 expert)
powder metallurgy (1 expert)
phase behavior (1 expert)
petroleum (1 expert)
porous media (1 expert)
protective clothing (1 expert)
physical metallurgy (2 experts)
phase transformation kinetics (1 expert)
polymer matrix composites (1 expert)
physical hydraulic modeling (1 expert)
process technology (1 expert)
polymer patterning (1 expert)
pattern recognition (2 experts)
power system dynamics (1 expert)
power system control (1 expert)
power system protection (1 expert)
photonics (1 expert)
petroleum geomechanics (1 expert)
petrophysics (1 expert)
pulsed laser fault injection (1 expert)
process design (1 expert)
Process Monitoring (1 expert)
Pneumatic Conveying (1 expert)
process intensification (1 expert)
PEM fuel cells (1 expert)
particle technology (1 expert)
petroleum hydrocarbons (1 expert)
power systems (1 expert)
power system reliability (1 expert)
power system planning (1 expert)
photovoltaics (1 expert)
persuasion (2 experts)
public speaking (2 experts)
professionalism (1 expert)
presentation skills (1 expert)
proposal writing (1 expert)
product quality of granular fertilizers (1 expert)
power system stability and control (1 expert)
power system planning and operation (1 expert)
pavement materials (1 expert)
pavement performance and safety (1 expert)
pavement maintenance/rehabilitation (1 expert)
pavement management (1 expert)



rock mechanics (3 experts)
radio frequency heating (1 expert)
reaction kinetics (1 expert)
reactive metals (1 expert)
robotics (dynamics and control) (1 expert)
river engineering (1 expert)
RF MEMS (1 expert)
renewable energy (2 experts)
reclamation (2 experts)
RF-MEMs (1 expert)
river mixing (1 expert)
risk analysis (1 expert)
reinforced concrete (1 expert)
reinforced masonry (1 expert)
reservoir mechanics (1 expert)
rock mass classification (1 expert)
rock support (1 expert)
radiation-tolerant electronics (1 expert)
radiation effects (1 expert)
reliability (1 expert)
reaction engineering (1 expert)
reliability modeling (1 expert)
real-time embedded systems (1 expert)
rhetoric (1 expert)
runoff (1 expert)


soft ground tunneling (1 expert)
statistical signal processing (1 expert)
system identification (1 expert)
sustainable energy (1 expert)
sulphur and nitrogenous pollutants (1 expert)
solvent recovery (1 expert)
structural dynamics and vibrations (1 expert)
solid and liquid desiccants (1 expert)
subsynchronous resonance (1 expert)
sensors (1 expert)
system dynamics (1 expert)
signal source localization (1 expert)
stormwater (1 expert)
soil-structure interaction (1 expert)
soft ground tunnelling (1 expert)
strategic decision support (1 expert)
structural dynamics; (1 expert)
structural health monitoring (2 experts)
structural masonry (1 expert)
service life/performance prediction of reinforced concrete structures (1 expert)
structural evaluation (1 expert)
structural engineering (1 expert)
structural rehabilitation (1 expert)
service life prediction (1 expert)
site characterization (1 expert)
scour (1 expert)
sediment (1 expert)
single event effects (1 expert)
structures/materials (1 expert)
structural steel design (1 expert)
structural stability, reliability (1 expert)
separation processes (1 expert)
sulfur removal (1 expert)
Spectroscopy (1 expert)
sustainability (2 experts)
signal processing (1 expert)
sensor networks (1 expert)
safety psychology (1 expert)
smartphone app (1 expert)
situated learning (1 expert)
smart grid and renewable energy (1 expert)
single and multiple-objective optimization (1 expert)
sensitivity and uncertainty analysis (1 expert)
sports engineering (1 expert)
sports science (1 expert)
sustainable development of natural resources (1 expert)
solute transport (1 expert)
soil conservation (1 expert)


tissue engineering (1 expert)
thermodynamics (3 experts)
turbulent wakes (1 expert)
textile science (1 expert)
thick layer microfabrication (1 expert)
timing recovery (1 expert)
time distance of arrival estimation (1 expert)
turbulent jets (1 expert)
total dose effects (1 expert)
transmission (1 expert)
transmission loss (1 expert)
technical writing (2 experts)
teaching (2 experts)



value-added processing of crops (1 expert)
value-added processing (1 expert)
vapor permeable membranes (1 expert)
ventilation (1 expert)
vortex shedding (1 expert)
Verilog/system Verilog (1 expert)
verification (1 expert)
VLSI (1 expert)



x-ray lithography (1 expert)


yeast (1 expert)

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Sven Achenbach  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
MEMS/NEMS, x-ray lithography, LIGA, process technology, high aspect ratio, polymer patterning, materials, RF MEMS, biomedical devices, micro/nano fluidics
Shafiq Alam  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng
mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, metals recovery / recycling, biosorption, biomaterials, waste / residue treatment, acid mine drainage (AMD), process modeling, process flowsheet development, process optimization
Oon-Doo Baik  Ph.D., P.Eng.
radio frequency heating, food and biomaterial processing, heat and mass transfer, reaction kinetics, computer simulation, ultrasound, pulsed electric field, process design and optimization, food safety and quality
S. L. Barbour  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
geoenvironmental, unsaturated soils, hydrogeology, environmental, mining, numerical modelling, contaminant transport, reclamation
Ron J. Bolton  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
digital systems, Verilog/system Verilog, verification, pattern recognition, VLSI
Mohamed Boulfiza  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
service life/performance prediction of reinforced concrete structures, cement-based materials , fiber reinforced composites, durability of construction materials, computational mechanics, constitutive modeling, damage mechanics, bridges, corrosion of reinforcing steels, fiber reinforced polymers
Francis M. Bui  B.Sc.,  M.A.Sc.,  Ph.D.
data science, signal processing, pattern recognition, optimization, biometric security, medical informatics, medical imaging, health monitoring, sensor networks, communication systems
Won Jae Chang  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
contaminated site assessment and remediation, bioremediation, petroleum hydrocarbons, freezing contaminated soils, hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria, microbial community characterization
Daniel Chen  Ph.D., P. Eng
bio-fabrication, tissue engineering, control systems, mechatronics, nano-positioning
Li Chen  B.Sc.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D.
integrated circuits, microelectronics, fault-tolerant electronics, CMOS, radiation-tolerant electronics, radiation effects, single event effects, total dose effects, reliability, pulsed laser fault injection
Nurul A. Chowdhury  B.Sc.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D.
power systems, transmission, generation, economic operation, deregulation, market clearing price, transmission loss
Tony C.Y. Chung  B.Eng.Hons.,  Ph.D., FIEEE, FIET
smart grid and renewable energy, power system stability and control, power system planning and operation, applications of advanced optimization techniques in power systems, power market, electric vehicle charging
Duncan Cree  D.E.C.,  B.Eng.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D., P.Eng
composites, metals, materials, sustainability, material processing, characterization and testing, natural fibres, bio-based resins, Aboriginal access programs for engineering
Ajay K. Dalai  Ph.D., P.Eng.
chemical reaction design, heterogeneous catalysis, biomass and bioenergy, petroleum processing, materials synthesis and characterization, gas processing, hydrotreating, sustainable energy, value-added processing, nanotechnology, gasification, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Amin A. Elshorbagy  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
water resources, hydrology, watershed modeling, hydrologic prediction, flood analysis and modeling, machine learning techniques, system dynamics, climate change impacts, decision analysis
Dave Elwood  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
geotechnical: saturated/unsaturated soil mechanics, in-situ testing, soft ground tunneling
Richard Evitts  B.E.,  B.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
Modelling localized corrosion, measurement of protective film growth and damage on metals, heat and moisture transfer in granular media, product quality of granular fertilizers, fuel cells
Sherif O. Faried  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
power system dynamics, power system control, power system protection, subsynchronous resonance, renewable energy
Lisa Feldman  B.A.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng., F.ACI, F.CSCS
reinforced concrete, reinforced masonry, structural evaluation, bridge engineering, bond and development of reinforcement, structural engineering, large-scale testing, structural rehabilitation, code calibration, service life prediction
Grant A. Ferguson  B.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Geo., Eng.L.
hydrogeology, engineering geology, groundwater modeling, geothermal energy, hydrogeochemistry, heat transport in porous media
Ian Fleming  B.A.Sc.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, geosynthetics, landfill engineering, waste strength and stability
Terrance A. Fonstad  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng., P.Ag., FEC
waste utilization, hydrology, ion exchange in reactive groundwater transport, environmental protection, geoenvironmental engineering, biogas production from anaerobic digestion and gasification
Reza Fotouhi  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
robotics (dynamics and control), structural dynamics and vibrations, computational mechanics, biomechanics
Richard  Griffin  Ph.D., P. Eng.
Materials Science and Engineering
Christopher D. Hawkes  B.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Geo., E.I.T.
rock mechanics, petroleum geomechanics, reservoir mechanics, carbon sequestration, geology, petrophysics, site characterization, wellbore stability, caprock integrity, well integrity
Warren Helgason  Ph.D., P.Eng.
atmospheric boundary layer processes, energy and mass transport in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, irrigation
Paul Hughes  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
rock mechanics, underground mine design, mine backfill, geomechanics, ground control
Andrew Ireson  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
modelling flow and transport in the hydrological cycle, integrated hydrological data improvements, hydrological change in northern latitudes, groundwater resource management, groundwater quality, sustainable development of natural resources, integrated hydrological-epidemiological research, water resource engineering, groundwater modelling
James (J.D.) Johnston  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
biomechanics, mechanical testing, finite element modeling, imaging, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, bone, cartilage
Rajesh Karki  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng.
reliability modeling, power system reliability, power system planning, renewable energy, wind energy, photovoltaics, energy storage, operating risk, energy demand management, energy efficiency
Safa Kasap  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.,  D.Sc., P. Eng
opto-electronic materials and devices, photonics, sensors, detectors
James A. Kells  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
hydraulic structures, open channel hydraulics, river engineering, physical hydraulic modeling, water resources engineering, culvert hydraulics, fish passage technologies, non-Darcy flow in coarse porous media
Georges J. Kipouros  Ph.D., P.Eng.
materials, corrosion, powder metallurgy, magnesium, aluminum, molten salts, chemical metallurgy, reactive metals, thermodynamics, kinetics
David M. Klymyshyn  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
microwave circuits, wireless devices, RF-MEMs, antennas, thick layer microfabrication, deep X-ray lithography, high-aspect-ratio structures
Seok-Bum Ko  Ph.D., P.Eng.
computer engineering, computer architecture, computer arithmetic, digital, logic, FPGA, ASIC, embedded system, compute-intensive, biomedical
Yen-Han Lin  Ph.D.
fermentation, bioethanol, fuel alcohol, biochemical engineering, biotechnology, bioprocess development, applied bioinformatics, yeast, baker's yeast, microbiology
Denard Lynch  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.
engineering ethics, engineering and society, engineering pedagogy, safety psychology
Ian MacPhedran  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
structures/materials, structural steel design, structural stability, reliability
Charles Maule  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
hydrology, unsaturated soils, infiltration, runoff, frozen soils, agriculture, solute transport, drylands, soil conservation, reclamation
Sean  Maw  B.A.Sc.,  M.A.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
sports engineering, sports science, engineering design, aerospace industry, neuromuscular physiology
Kerry A. Mazurek  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
erosion, scour, fine-grained soils, clay, sediment, turbulent jets, drowning, weirs, low-head dams, hydraulic structures
Douglas Milne  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  D.I.C.,  Ph.D., P.Geo., P.Eng.
rock mechanics, ground control, rock mass classification, empirical mine design, rock support, joint roughness, underground stability
Mehdi Nemati (On Leave)  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
environmental bioengineering, biochemical engineering, bioremediation, microbial fuel cell technology, napthenic acids, oil sand tailing, sulphur and nitrogenous pollutants, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), biocorrosion, bioreactor
Catherine H. Niu  B.Eng.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D.
biosorption, adsorption, biomaterials, fuel alcohols dehydration, gas purification, wastewater treatment, bio-separation, biochemical engineering
Scott Noble  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging, Machine Vision, Process Monitoring, Pneumatic Conveying, Agricultural Machinery
Akindele G. Odeshi  B.Tech.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
materials, physical metallurgy, ferrous alloys, aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys, polymer matrix composites, carbon/carbon composites, ballistic impact testing, adiabatic shear bands, deformation and failure analysis
Ikechukwuka N. Oguocha  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
materials, aluminum alloys, corrosion, physical metallurgy, coatings, welding, phase transformation kinetics, interfacial reactions, composites, deformation and failure analysis
D.-Y. Peng  B.Sc.,  Ph.D.,  D.Sc., P. Eng, FCIC
thermodynamics, phase behavior, equations of state, petroleum, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, bitumen, oilsands tailings, natural gas, solvent recovery
Jian Peng  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
water/wastewater treatment, environmental modelling, adsorption, gas transfer, bioremediation, eutrophication
Gordon Putz  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
environmental engineering, water quality, water supply, water treatment, wastewater treatment, stormwater, water pollution, water chemistry, river mixing, effluent disposal
Saman Razavi  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
environmental and water resources systems analysis, hydrologic modelling, single and multiple-objective optimization, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis, climate change and impacts on hydrology and water resources
Arcadio Rodriguez-Prado  Ph.D., P.Eng
Hydrological Modeling
Debbie Rolfes  M.A., M.T.S.
rhetoric, persuasion, communication, technical writing, public speaking, professionalism, teaching, learning, community of practice, situated learning
Aryan Saadat Mehr  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
digital signal processing, statistical signal processing, control systems, multi-rate signal processing, adaptive systems, OFDM communications, system identification, detection and estimation, image processing, convex optimization
Joseph E. Salt  B.Sc.,  M.Eng.,  Ph.D.
communication over fibre/cable networks, QAM modulation/demodulation, timing recovery, carrier recovery, time distance of arrival estimation, signal source localization
Brad Schmid, P.Eng., MBA
Geo-environmental Engineering, groundwater flow and contaminant transport, mine waste management, project management, engineering economics,
Jitendrapal (Jit) S. Sharma  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
geotechnical modelling, fundamental soil behaviour, soil-structure interaction, ground improvement methods, soft ground tunnelling
Carey J. Simonson  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
heat and moisture transfer, HVAC, building physics, heat exchangers, air-to-air energy exchangers, liquid-to-air energy exchangers, solid and liquid desiccants, vapor permeable membranes, porous media, ventilation
Haithem Soliman  Ph.D., E.I.T.
pavement materials, pavement performance and safety, pavement maintenance/rehabilitation, pavement management
Jafar Soltan  Ph.D., P. Eng
ozone reaction, emerging pollutants, advanced oxidation, wastewater treatment, environmental catalysts, air treatment, ultrasound in water treatment, multiphase reactors, catalysts and kinetics, novel sorbants and catalysts
Gordon A. Sparks  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
infrastructure asset management, life cycle analysis, economic modeling, strategic decision support, risk analysis, economic impact of extreme events
Bruce F. Sparling  Ph.D., P.Eng., FCSCE
structural dynamics;, telecommunication structures, structural health monitoring, life cycle performance of bridges, structural masonry
David Sumner  D.E.C.,  B.Eng.,  M.A.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, bluff-body aerodynamics, fluid structure interactions, turbulent wakes, vortex shedding, wind tunnel testing, flow separation, wake interference
Lope G. Tabil  Ph.D., P. Eng
drying and storage, biomass, densification, pelleting, biofuels, value-added processing of crops, biomass pretreatment, forage process engineering, feed processing, postharvest technology
David A. Torvi  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
heat transfer, fire science, fire testing, codes and standards, textile science, protective clothing, firefighting, heat release rate, cone calorimeter, health and safety
Khan A. Wahid  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.
image and video processing, digital system design, FPGA, ASIC, real-time embedded systems, body sensor network, biomedical engineering, medical imaging, fluorescence imaging, smartphone app
Hui Wang  B.Sc.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
heterogeneous catalysis, reaction engineering, separation processes, process design, catalysis studies using synchrotron beams, catalysts and absorbents material development, CO2 reforming, H2S chemical split for hydrogen, sulfur removal, Hg emission control
Leon D. Wegner  B.E.,  M.A.Sc.,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
mechanics of composite materials, fibre-reinforced concrete, structural health monitoring
Howard Wheater  Ph.D., FICE, FREng
hydrological processes, hydrological modelling, flood risk, water resources, water quality, wastes and climate change adaptation, water resource engineering, water resources, watershed modelling, water supply
Travis Wiens  B.E.,  M.Sc.,  Ph.D., P. Eng
hydraulics, fluid power, nonlinear control systems, mining, dynamic modeling, acoustic sensing, mechatronics, artificial neural networks, energy efficiency, mobile equipment
Jeanie Wills  B.A.Hons.,  M.A.,  Ph.D.
persuasion, communication, presentation skills, public speaking, technical writing, proposal writing, teaching, interpersonal communication, women & professional communication, negotiation
Lifeng Zhang  Ph.D.
fluidized beds, multiphase flow, biomass and bioenergy, electrostatics, process intensification, PEM fuel cells, green polymers, particle technology, sustainability