R. Lal Kushwaha

     R. Lal Kushwaha  M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


    B.S.A.E. (Allahabad University), 1961
    M.Sc. (University of Toronto), 1964
    Ph.D. (University of Saskatchewan), 1967

    DR. KUSHWAHA has been with the Department since 1974. His specialization includes agricultural machinery systems, soil dynamics in tillage and traction, and tribology. Previous employment responsibilities included teaching and research in agricultural engineering, management of a research farm, management of a research and maintenance workshop, and management of quality control in an automotive parts manufacturing including electroplating, zinc phosphate coating and effluent control.

    Dr. Kushwaha has conducted research in the area of herbicide application and incorporation, optimization of tractor power, alternate energy sources and agricultural machinery design, and development of a multi-crop thresher for developing countries while working with Ford Foundation.

    Dr. Kushwaha's research includes development of mechanical devices for neutralization of anti-personnel landmines, soil-machine interactions; finite element modelling, high speed tillage, harvesting systems; precision seed placement; tribology, biomaterials and bioenergy. He is the co-author of the book Soil-Machine Interactions: A Finite Element Perspective, published by Marcel Dekker, Inc. in 1998.

    Dr. Kushwaha is active in several professional and technical societies: APGES (which awarded him a Distinguished Service Award in 1998), American Society of Agricultural Engineers (Fellow 1997), Canadian Society of Agricultural Engineering (Fellow 1999), SAE International (Fellow 2001); Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, International Society for Terrain-Vehicle Systems, Asian Association of Agricultural Engineers, Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (Fellow 2010) and Fellow of Engineers Canada. Some major awards include 2002 ASAE John Deere Gold Medal; 2004 CSAE/SCGR Maple Leaf Award;  2005 Saskatchewan Centennial Leadership Award; 2007 ASABE President Citation for Distinguished Service; 2009 Fellow Engineers Canada; 2010 Bharat Gaurav Award.