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     Martin Roberge 

    Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Research Areas

    -Soil & Crop Flow Modeling of Farm and Construction Equipment (Discrete-Element Method, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Analytical and Stochastic Models)

    1. Crop Production (Seeder, Planter, Tillage Equipment, Sprayer, Fertilizer Application Equipment)
    2. Hay & Forage / Biomass Harvesters (Round Baler, Large Square Baler, Forage Harvester and Haytools)
    3. Combines (Axial and Conventional) and Combines Headers (Corn Head, Auger and Pickup Headers)
    4. Specialty Harvesters (Cotton, Sugarcane, Coffee, Grapes and Olives)
    5. Bulldozer, Excavator and Backhoe Loader