Grant A. Ferguson

     Grant A. Ferguson  B.Sc., Ph.D., P.Geo., Eng.L.

    Associate Professor, Civil and Geological Engineering


    B.Sc.(Waterloo), Ph.D.(Manitoba)


    Refereed Journal Publications
    • Ferguson, G.A. and Gleeson, T. (2012). Vulnerability of coastal aquifers to groundwater use and climate change, Nature Climate Change, 2(5), 342-345. Available online at:
    • Ferguson, G.A. (2012). Characterizing uncertainty in groundwater-source heating and cooling projects, Energy, 37(1), 201-206. Available online at:

    Research Grants


    • Co-Principal Investigator, Seasonally Frozen Capillary Breaks for Mining Applications, Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunities Fund, Student funding.
    • Principal Investigator, Exploring Data Needs for Geothermal Energy Development, NSERC, Discovery Grant.
    • Principal Investigator, Geothermal Potential of the Winnipeg and Deadwood Formations in Saskatchewan, Geological Survey of Canada, Government Contract.



    • CE871.1 - Advanced Physical Hydrogeology
    • GEOE218.1 - Engineering Geology
    • GEOE475.1 - Advanced Hydrogeology
    • GEOE495.1 - Capstone Design

    Research Projects


    • Geothermal energy development in Saskatchewan
    • Hydrogeology of cold regions
    • Uncertainty, risk and data worth in geothermal energy developments
    • Vulnerability of coastal aquifers to climate change