Joseph E. Salt

     Joseph E. Salt  B.Sc., M.Eng., Ph.D.

    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Dr. Salt is an active member of College of Graduate Studies. He has taught graduate classes on the following topics: Mathematical Methods in Engineering, Random Variable Theory, Stochastic Processes with Application in Spread Spectrum Communication, Cellular Radio and personal Communications and Multirate Digital Signal Processing.


    Selected Journal Papers

    [18] Bahman Abolhasani, Eric Salt, David Dodds, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybermetics, Part B, "A Two-phase Genetic K-means Algorithm for placement of Radioports in Cellular Networks" February 2004, Vol 34, No.1, pp 533-538.
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    [5] Reprint of ASSP (Salt & Wacker); "Optimistic and Pessimistic Approximations to Variances of Time Delay Estimators", in a book titled "Coherence and Time Delay Estimation: An Applied Tutorial for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Engineers", edited by G.C. Carter, IEEE Press, 1993.
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    Conference Publications

    [14] Michael Mitzel and Eric Salt, 2005, "CARRIER FREQUENCY OFFSET FOR A ZERO-IF OFDM RECEIVER", Proceedings of IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 1-4, Saskatoon, Canada, pp. 0892-0895. [PDF]
    [13] Eric R. Pelet, J. Eric Salt and Garth Wells, 2005, "SIMPLE TESTS TO PREDICT FADING IN TREE OBSTRUCTED MMDS CHANNELS", Proceedings of IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 1-4, Saskatoon, Canada, pp. 0021-0024. [PDF]
    [12] Brian L.F. Daku, J. Eric Salt, Li Sha and Arnfinn F. Prugger, 2004 "An Algorithm for Locating Microseismic Events", Proceedings of IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 2-5, Niagara Falls, Canada, Vol. 4, pp. 2311-2314. [PDF]
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    Books / Chapters in Books

    [3] J. Eric Salt and Robert L. Rothery, "Design for Electrical and Computer Engineers", John Wiley and Sons, New York, ISBN 0-471-39146-8, Copyright 2002.
    [2] J.E. Salt, S. Kumar and D.E. Dodds, 1993. "Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum for Indoor Wireless Communications". Book of lecture notes (245 pages) and videotape presentation (4 1/2 hours) published for TRLabs.
    [1] Co-authored chapters 1 and 3 in the book (82 pages), "Teaching Design in Electrical Engineering"; edited by John G. Webster, published by Education Activities Board of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

    Honours and Awards

    IEEE Design Competition, 1989; supervised the 4th year design team that was second runner up in a Canada-wide IEEE competition.

    NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship, 1982

    NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship, 1975

    APES Book Prize, 1974

    B.Sc. with Great Distinction, 1974

    Sunoil Scholarship, 1973

    Undergraduate Scholarship, 1972

    Undergraduate Scholarship, 1971


    [2] USA 6,389,085 "Receiver combiner for spatial diversity digital communications," J. Eric Salt, issued May 14, 2002 (assigned to Wavecom Electronics Inc.)
    [1] USA 5,615,175 "Passive direction finding device," C. Carter, J.E. Salt, Y.X. Yuan, issued March 25, 1997 [PDF]

    Research Grants

    Graduate Students

    Graduate Students

    Michael Mitzel
    Eric Pelet
    Jesse Hudson

    Former Graduate Students

    Neil Gerein, M.Sc.
    "A Spatial Diversity Scheme for Fixod Point Indoor Wireless", December 2003.

    His thesis can be dowloaded here:
    Eric Pelet, M.Sc.
    "Signal Distortion Caused by Tree Foliage in a 2.5 GHz Channel", November 2003.

    His thesis can be downloaded here:
    Li Sha, M.Sc.
    "Systems Architecture and Hardware Implementation for a Reconfigurable MPLS Router", August 2003.

    Her thesis can be downloaded here:
    Jason Dielschneider, M.Sc.
    "16 QAM Radio Link in the 5.7 GHz ISM Band", December 2002.
    Nikolaj Larionov, M.Sc.
    "An FPGA-Based 256-QAM Modem with Carrier Recovery", August 2002.
    Trevor Hamm, M.Sc.
    "Carrier Frequency Offset and Symbol Timing recovery for DSP-Based Wireless OFDM Systems", June 2002.
    Doug Fast, M.Sc.
    "A Highly Efficient EPGA Based QAM Modulator Implementation", June 2002.
    Zhiyi Zhou, M.Sc.
    "Symbol and Carrier Synchronization in OFDM", May 2002.
    Bhaman Abolhassani, Ph.D.
    "Peak Power Minimization in Indoor CDMA Communications Using Clusters of Antennas", December 2001.
    Lin Zhong, M.Sc.
    "An ISM Band Communication System - A System Design", December 2000.
    Wentao Li, M.Sc.
    "A DSP-Based /4-DQPSK Modem", March 1999.
    Wing Kan Chan, M.Sc.
    "Multirate Baseband Filter Optimization in Code Division Multiple Access Digital Telephony", August 1998.
    Darren Anspach, M.Sc.
    "Design and Testing of Low Cost Piezoelectric Film Ultrasonic Transducers", January 1997.
    Feng Gao, M.Sc.
    "An Experimental Feasibility investigation of a Low Cost Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Technique", August 1996. (co-supervised with H. Wood).
    Kelly Campbell, M.Sc.
    "Open Loop Power Control Solution to Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Near-Far Problem", October 1995.
    Keith Jeffrey, M.Sc.
    "Passive Sonal Localization of a Moving Contact with Interference", April 1995.
    Bahman Abolhassani, M.Sc.
    "Power Control for Indoor CDMA Communication Systems Using Time Division Duplexing", March 1995.
    Li Yu, M.Sc.
    "Spreading Function for Band Limited Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum Code Division Multiple Access Systems", December 1994.
    Yunxiang Yuan, Ph.D.
    "Passive Localization of an Underwater Acoustic Source using Directional Sensors", September 1994.
    Mike Bree, Ph.D.
    "Optimum Combining with the LMS Algorithm for Indoor Multipath Channels", August 1994.
    Joyoni Dey, M.Sc.
    "Image Compression Using Subband Coding", July 1994.
    Joseph Cibere, M.Sc.
    "Sources of Peak Signal Variation from a Thin Plate Impact Sensor Measuring Particle Radius", March 1994.
    Jian Cui, M.Sc.
    "The Accuracy in Locating an Underwater Acoustic Source with Three Submerged Sensors", August 1991.


    Electric and Magnetic Circuit 1

    Topics include Coulomb's law, sources of dc potential, resistance, conductance, Ohm's law, power and energy, ammeters, voltmeters, voltage dividers, ohmmeter, Kirchhoff's laws, series and parallel circuits, circuit analysis techniques, Wheatstone bridge, electrostatic fields, dielectric materials, capacitance, series and parallel arrangement of capacitors, transients in R-C circuits.
    EE 431
    Hardware Descriptive Language

    Discusses hardware descriptive language (HDL) and techniques to design application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for specific applications such as digital filters and embedded controllers. HDL is a C like language allowing parallel processing description and timing control. The detailed syntax of HDL will be presented along with techniques for problem analysis and circuit synthesis using field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and more advanced Embedded Arrays that includes a built-in CPU.
    Digital Signal Processing 2

    This course covers Finite impulse response linear phase filters, infinite impulse response filters, architecture of digital filters, DSP processors and special instruction sets, discrete Fourier transform DFT and fast Fourier transform FFT, and Finite register length effects.
    Communication Theory

    Deterministic signal theory, noise and its physical origin, random signal theory, performance of analog and digital communication systems in the presence of noise.
    Random Variables in Engineering

    Random variables, functions of random variables, expectations, characteristic function, joint densities and distributions, sequences of random variables, concept of stochastic processes. The emphasis is on developing a working knowledge of the above theory in engineering applications.

    Research Projects

    Dr. Salt's research interest is in the areas of signal processing and indoor wireless communications. He has worked underwater sonar signal processing problems involving the passive localization of an accoustic service. This work has lead to a signal processing algorithm and a sensor that can be used to find the direction from the sensor to the passive source. The rights to the algorithm and sensor have been picked up by the U.S. military and are now protected by a patent.

    Current research interest in the signal processing area include the processing of IF sampled signals in modulators/demodulators of ultrasonic signals to measure the flow of fluids and velocity of vehicles.

    Current research interests in indoor wireless communication include architectures for indoor wireless personal communication systems and architectures for indoor wireless modems.