Ron J. Bolton

     Ron J. Bolton  B.E., M.Sc., Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering


    Ronald J. Bolton is currently a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and Adjunct Scientist at Telecommunications Research Laboratories (TRLabs) in Saskatoon. Ron received B. Eng. and M.Sc. degrees from the University of Saskatchewan in 1972 and 1978 respectively and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Queensland in 1983. He presently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in integrated circuit design, advanced electronics and pattern recognition. Current research interests are in VLSI design of application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

    While on sabbatical leaves from the University, he has worked with the Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC) in 1995 and Wavecom Electronics Ltd. (now VCom Electronics Ltd.) in 2003.

    Dr. Bolton is a Registered Proessional Engineer in Saskatchewan, a Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and founder and president of Professional Special System Technologies Inc. (PSST).

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    Selected Journal Papers

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    Conference Publications

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    Graduate Students

    Graduate Students

    Darrell K. Laturnas
    MSc, Dynamic Silicon Firewall
    Adam Ottley
    MSC, ECG Compression for use in Holter Monitoring
    Xiangling Wang
    MS., Numerical Implementation of the Hilbert Transform

    Former Graduate Students

    Reza Ahrabian
    Bernard Boos
    MSc, "High Speed Digital Signal Compensation on Printed Circuit Boards", February 2004. (with D.E. Dodds)
    Jin Cheng
    MSc, "Silicon Firewall Prototype", December 2003.
    H.Y. Teng
    Ph.D., "Self-Restored Current-Mode CMOS Multiple-Valued Logic Design and Synthesis", December 2002.
    Benjamin Persson
    M.Sc. "A Mixed Signal ASIC for CDMA Synchronization", August 2001.
    Tammy Yee
    M.Sc. "Attitude Determination Using Stellar Images", March 1999.
    Totok Mujiono
    M.Sc. "Investigation of a 900 MHz CMOS Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loop Based Frequency Synthesizer", March 1999.
    Renee Schmitz
    M.Sc. "A Segmented Matched Filter for Spread Spectrum Codephase Acquisition", November 1998. (Co-supervised with D. Dodds)
    Hsiang-Yung Teng
    M.Sc. "High-Level Simulation of Multiple-Valued Logic Systems", August 1996.
    Vincenzo M. Fortugno
    M.Sc. "Design and Test of a Multiple-Valued Logic CMOS Standard Cell Library", December 1995. (Co-supervised with Abd-El-Barr)
    Charlie Cheung
    M.Sc. "Implementation of Standard Cell Library for Current-Mode Multiple-Valued Logic Circuit Using CMOS Technology", April 1995.
    A.K. Jain
    Ph.D., "Multiple-Valued Logic Design in Current-Mode CMOS"; November 1993. (Co-supervised with M.H. Abd-El-Barr).
    R. Cram
    M.Sc., "The Design of an ECG Morphology Processor Chip"; November 1990.
    A.S.M. Lau
    M.Sc., "An Investigation of Integrated Circuit Hardware Design Rule Checking Using the TMS 34010"; August 1990.
    G. Lakshmikanth
    M.Sc., "Design and Implementation of a VLSI Systolic Array for the Transportation Simplex Algorithm"; July 1989. (Co-supervised with M. Abd-El-Barr)
    Y. Yuan
    M.Sc. "Analysis of ECG Body Surface Potentials"; November 1988. (Co-supervisor with V. Pollak, K. Takaya).
    E.P. Komarla
    M.Sc. "An Algorithm for Garbage Collection in Multicomputer Systems"; September 1988. (Co-supervisor with C.J. McCrosky).
    K. Goulet
    M.Sc. "An Integrated Circuit for ECG Processing"; August 1987.
    C.S.R. Moturu
    M.Sc. "A Layout Automator For VLSI Circuit Design Using Standard Cells"; January 1987.
    A.K. Jain
    M.Sc. "Implementation Approaches in the Computer-Aided Design of CSD Digital Filters"; October 1986.


    Electric and Magnetic Circuits I

    Topics include Coulomb's law, sources of dc potential, resistance, conductance, Ohm's law, power and energy, ammeters, voltmeters, voltage dividers, ohmmeter, Kirchhoff's laws, series and parallel circuits, circuit analysis techniques, Wheatstone bridge, electrostatic fields, dielectric materials, capacitance, series and parallel arrangement of capacitors, transients in R-C circuits.
    VLSI Circuit Design

    A general introduction to VLSI design, simulation and testing. This includes CMOS cell design, logic simulation, circuit simulation and system design.
    Advanced VLSI Design

    A study of semiconductor devices with special emphasis placed on device operation in VLSI circuits. Topics include device physics, electrical characteristics, computer simulation of circuits, speed-power-area considerations, circuit synthesis and CMOS integrated circuit design. Additional lecture topics as requested may be given. A design project is also required.
    Introduction to Pattern Recognition

    A basic introduction to pattern recognition systems, Topics include vector space representation of patterns, supervised and unsupervised systems, distance matrices, discriminant functions, probability density and parameter estimation, maximum likelihood and minimum risk classification, potential functions, feature selection and clustering. A design project is also required.

    Research Projects

    Dr. Bolton's research experience has been in the areas of multiple-valued logic circuits, computer-aided design systems, and pattern recognition. In particular he has carried out work on Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) in the areas of ECG processing, Viterbi decoding, and Canonical-Signed Digit code filters. He has developed software for use with standard cell libraries for integrated circuit design software. He is particularly interested in the area of minimization and synthesis of multiple-valued logic functions.

    His research on multiple-valued logic has lead to the specification of a new, functionally-compete set of operators for use in multiple-valued logic. Using this set of operators it is possible to more efficiently (based on the number of product terms) realize circuit functionality. This research was done in cooperation with A.K. Jain and M.H. Abd-El-Barr.

    His development of a Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC) Analog Artist version of the Gennum linear bipolar array GA911 technology allows the CMC to offer an undergraduate design technology to Canadian university members at no cost. This initiative is supported by facilities available to the CMC through Gennum and Tundra Semiconductor.

    His research in pattern recognition has lead to an ECG analysis systems capable of identifying harmful ECG morphologies and arrhythmia. This system is based upon Hilbert Transform processing of the ECG data and subsequent recognition using custom ICs and/or software based systems. The process is particularly suitable to real-time processing of Holter type ECGs since it can lead to long term monitoring.

    Current research projects include work in the use of current-mode CMOS logic multiple-valued logic in the area of neural networks. This includes the use of VHDL (using a mixed-signal current-mode CMOS logic multiple-valued library developed with H-Y. Teng and A.K. Jain) to specify the structure of the networks and to use synthesis to construct them. Another research project is the multi-disciplinary NITEOWL (Nightsky Imaging and Tomography Experiment on Ozone using Light from Stars) project. This project combines expertise from the departments of Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, and Commerce. The project has reached the final proposal stage with the results of the Canadian Space Agency Small Payloads Program Application Opportunity known in early 1997. Related to this project will be the development of an Attitude Video Camera pattern recognition software system and the development of a mission simulator.