Saskatchewan Centre of Excellence for Transportation and Infrastructure

In May 2008, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure provided $3 million for the expansion of the University of Saskatchewan Transportation Centre to a new Saskatchewan Centre of Excellence for Transportation and Infrastructure (SCETI, pronounced Se-Tee).   It was established as a strategic partnership between the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, the University of Saskatchewan, and private industry involved in innovative transportation and infrastructure solutions. A Board of Advisors was formed to oversee the operations of the Centre of Excellence.

In December of 2012 a Strategic review of the Centre was completed and a decision was made to engage its first fulltime Managing Director. Carl Kuhnke, previously the Executive Director of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada (ITS Canada), arrived November 1, 2013 to further the SCETI mission. SCETI is now physically located in the new College of Engineering Collaboration Centre which includes the Associate Dean (Research), Advancement Group and Engineering Technology Transfer Office.

The primary mandate of the Centre of Excellence is to provide world class solutions for meeting challenging transportation and infrastructure needs of Canada’s second fastest growing province, increased commodity and manufactured goods shipments, a growing population, and aging infrastructure.  A second mandate of the Centre of Excellence is to become internationally renowned for innovative transportation engineering, construction and supply logistics solutions.

The specific mission elements of the Centre include:

  • Creating in Saskatchewan   world class research  with the ability to access lead researchers and practitioners from around the world
  • Developing and deploying more efficient transport infrastructure, engineering design and construction systems that directly support Saskatchewan’s rapid growth
  • Developing and deploying improved transport and infrastructure asset management systems that explicitly optimize return on investment, and in a sustainable manner 
  • Supporting private sector innovations and research, generating economic growth and export potential
  • Providing world class training to develop highly qualified practitioners

SCETI's 2015 Review and Operations Plan for 2016 can be found here.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Donald Bergstrom (Chair), Interim Dean, College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan

Mr. Fred Antunes, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure

Ms. Angela Gardiner, Director of Transportation, City of Saskatoon

Ms. Judy Harwood, Division 5 Director, SARM / Reeve, RM of Corman Park

Mr. Wes Hicks, Acting Director of Public Works, City of Prince Albert

Ms. Shantel Lipp, President, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

Mr. Les Malawski, Acting Director, Roadways and Transportation, City of Regina

Mr. Sean McKenzie, Policy Advisor, Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association

Mr. Kevin Mcleod, Director of Housing, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

Dr. Babak Mehran, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Regina

Mr. Paul Pinder, Transportation Committee Chair, Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan

Dr. Kwei Quaye, Assistant Vice President, Traffic Safety Services, SGI

Ms. Susan Ewart, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Trucking Association

Faculty and Staff


Dr. Leon Wegner,  Ph.D., P.Eng.
Department Head - Civil, Geological & Environmental Engineering
Phone: (306) 966-5349


Managing Director

Administrative Assistant