Engineering Shops

Our modern machine shop specializes in instrument making, designing, constructing and modifying apparatus in all types of metals and plastics.

Our electronics shop will do equipment repairs, circuit design and construction, as well as system integration.

Rapid Prototyping is the latest technology acquired by E-Shops.  This technology gives us the ability to construct parts assemblies and/or movable assemblies with its photopolymer materials (acrylic based).  All that is required is a 3D CAD file or convertible scanned data files (CT, MRI or cloud files).


Staff Title and Duty Phone Room Email
Blair Cole Shops Supervisor 4653 1B94
Cam Tarasoff Instrument Maker I 4653 1B91
Daniel Vessey Instrument Maker II 4653 1B91
Andrea Book Instrument Maker Apprentice 4653 1B90

Lowell Levenick Engineering Shops Coordinator 5388 1B97.3