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Engineering Student Centre

Helping you achieve your academic goal is our mandate; fulfilling the requirements to realize your academic goal is your responsibility.


Academic advising is a collaborative process of developing an educational plan that fits the individual student’s abilities, interests, personal circumstances and career goals. 

Academic advising plays an important role in developing strategies for successful completion of your undergraduate degree. Academic advisors and Departmental Undergraduate Faculty advisors offer individualized assistance with the aim of facilitating student sucess. 

Academic advising goals are to:
  • Assist students to better understand themselves and direct them to available resources that will help them meet their academic and career goals.
  • Help students understand University and College policies and procedures, academic requirements and consequences.
  • Ensure that degree requirements are satisfied systematically.

The student-advisor relationship is one of partnership and shared responsibility. You are expected to actively seek advising, participate in your own decision making and take responsibility for satisfactory progress toward your educational goals.

To make an appointment to see an academic advisor, online bookings are available.  For general questions and information, please contact: Engineering Student Centre Rm 2A05, (306) 966 5274 or




What is Engineering?
  • Transfer Students

    If you have attempted/completed 18 credit units of transferable courses at a post-secondary institution, an admission average will be calculated using the grades for your transferable university courses. Applicants will be ranked top-down by admission average and the top applicants will be offered admission. Applicants with an overall average less than 70% are not eligible to be considered for admission. Students must apply to transfer by February 15th. All documents must be submitted by March 1st. 

    If you have less than 18 credit units admission will be based on High School average.

Disciplines / Program maps / timetable :



For information on required common first year courses, please visit the Course and Program Catalogue.

You are responsible for registering for your classes – but please ensure that you follow the First Year Engineering Registration Guide (coming soon).

If the class section in one of your blocks is already full, please keep trying on PAWS until the end of August for Term 1 classes and until end of December for Term 2 classes.

If you are still unable to register, please come to the Engineering Student Centre during the first week of classes.  


If you are a student registered in MATH 123.3 in term 1, you are expected to reserve a seat to write the Math Placement Test (MPT) as early as possible in the summer:

  1. Test Dates (reservation required): Can be found on the Math Placement Test website.
  2. Sample Tests are available for you to practice on before hand




About Us

The Engineering Student Centre is a resource for the undergraduate students of the College of Engineering to help them meet their academic and career goals and to enhance their educational and student experience.

We are committed to support and assist students by providing accessible, accurate and timely information regarding academic requirements, University policies, procedures and resources.

Engineering Student Centre Academic Advising Program

Mission Statement

Academic advising in the College of Engineering is a collaborative decision-making process between students and advisors. 

Advisors promote learning and understanding of academic requirements, policies, resources, and opportunities so students can make informed decisions that enrich their College experience and support their development as self-directed lifelong learners and decision makers. 

Advising FAQ

  • What can the Engineering Student Centre and the Academic Advisors do for me?

The Engineering Student Centre is committed to helping our students achieve academic success. Our advisors are here to provide resources, guidance and support to enable students to explore, define, and realize their aspirations throughout their academic careers. 

If you have any questions about your Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) degree requirements or academic options, need help in setting academic goals, need permission to take a course elsewhere, or for any situation that may occur that is affecting your courses, please visit our Engineering Student Centre.

  • What can I expect from the Academic Advisors?

You can expect the advisors to:

  1. provide you with accurate knowledge of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) degree requirements, University policies and procedures. 
  2. refer you to appropriate services and resources as needed.
  3. assist and guide you in the decision making process relating to your academic program
  4. act as a resource in any other concerns and difficulties that affect your educational and career goals. 
  • Who is responsible for keeping track of my progress and making sure that I have all the degree requirements needed?

You are ultimately responsible for successfully completing your academic requriements and should maintain accurate records of your progress towards fulfilling degree requirements.

  • What is my responsibility as a student in the Academic Advising Process?

Your responsibility is to:

  1. schedule and attend regular appointments with an advisor each term
  2. prepare for your appointments and share information
  3. know your program requirements and how academic actions affect your status
  4. follow up on the referrals and recommendations provided to you
  5. seek help before a situation escalates into a crisis
  6. check your U of S email account regularly
  7. accept responsibility for your decisions and actions that affect your educational program
  • Who has access to my Academic Records?

Your educational records are confidential; information can only be disclosed with your permission. 


Announcements and information related to events and activities of the Engineering Student Centre can be found on this page.

What is Engineering? is back!

What is Engineering?, our long-running event in partnership with the University of Regina (U of R) and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientist of Saskatchewan (APEGS) will be held this year on November 17th, 2017. Come join us to learn more about what an engineering career looks like through discussion with U of S and U of R students, and get an in depth tour of our building’s labs!

For more information on What is Engineering? 2017 – check back soon!

For more information on What is Engineering? in Saskatoon, please contact:
The Engineering Student Centre
Phone: 306 966 5274