Safety & Security

Local Safety Committee

Committee Members

  • TBD - Management Co-Chair
  • Richard Blondin - Employee Co-Chair; CBE Representative
  • Jim Bugg - ADO - Management Representative
  • Adam Hammerlindl - Civil Engr Representative
  • Doug Bitner - Mechanical Engr Representative
  • Jason Pannell - Electrical & Computer Engr Representative
  • Maureen Bourke - SciFi Representative
  • Brenda Butler/JoAnn Murphy - Engineering Library Representative
  • Andrea Book - Building Warden, Shops Apprentice
  • Denard Lynch - Faculty Representative
  • Shafiq Alam - Faculty Representative
  • Nripesh Ayer - Graduate Student Representative
  • Ashley Stock - Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Quintin Zook - U of S OHC Representative
  • Patrick Hauser - U of S Safety Resources Representative
  • Marwan Bardouh - Building Zone Manager


Safety Days

Safety Days

September 8 and 9, 2016 
Hardy Lab (Room 1A76), Engineering Building
57 Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Purpose of event:

As part of our mission to ensure all our graduates become leaders and managers of “…a safe and prosperous future,” Safety Days helps second-year undergraduate students and graduate students increase their awareness of safety responsibilities and issues through discipline-specific safety sessions led by industry professionals. 

Topics will include:

  • Industry safety culture and practices
  • Safety-related regulations
  • Discipline-specific training and hazards, including lab safety
  • Psychology of risk assessment and unsafe behaviour

Event information:

  • All sessions will be held in Hardy Lab at the College of Engineering.
  • All second-year undergraduate and select graduate students will attend four discipline-specific sessions.
  • Plenary session at start of each day welcomes students, conveys importance of safety and recognizes industry participants, with food and refreshments available
  • A green room will be provided for industry representatives, including lunch both days with key college representatives and organizers

Safety Days Details:

Previous Safety Days:

For more information

Denard Lynch Phone: 306-966-5473
Carlene Deutscher Phone: 306-966-5286
Dale Pavier Phone: 306-966-5372