Engineering Alumni

As alumni, you are part of a rich and vibrant history. As an engineering alumnus, you are part of a unique, dynamic community who is invested in the success of the profession, your alumna mater and you, as an engineer. 

College of Engineering

You are an Alumni

With over 12,000 living engineering alumni, the College of Engineering is committed to keeping you engaged and active through communications, events, alumni chapters, the Engineering Advancement Trust group, our annual magazine - Thorough and a variety of supporting services and benefits.

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The gift of time, volunteerism, experience & mentorship

Fellow U of S engineering alumni are a great source of information and mentorship. You are part of a 100-year history and are encouraged to stay connected with alumni groups and your alma mater. Whether you are establishing your career outside the province or have selected to stay and work in Saskatchewan, we provide opportunities to meet and develop professional networks with fellow graduates.

Interested in volunteering? Some of the ways for you to share your time and talents with the College of Engineering are:

  • Coordinate or help out at an alumni event in your area
  • Be a part of the Hard Hat Ceremony, C.J. Mackenzie Gala or other College of Engineering events
  • Give back by sitting on an alumni panel
  • Be a member of an advisory board or committee
  • Talk to prospective students who are considering Engineering

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