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Give back to where it all began. 

Why not direct your support to where it all began? As a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan, you surely have fond memories of your experience in your college. The College of Engineering values the strong support of its donors. Choose to make your impact in an area that interests you.

Impact Reports

Discover how alumni, friends, and industry partners have inspired success in the College of Engineering.

Areas of Impact

College of Engineering Student Support Fund

Donations to the College of Engineering Student Support Fund will go directly to enhancing the College of Engineering's facilitated study sessions, which are designed to support and supplement students' first-year course work. Available to all first-year engineering students to help them through the difficult transition to first-year engineering, these study sessions are part of the college's ongoing commitment to student success.

Engineering Advancement Trust (EAT)

Since its inception in 1986, the Engineering Advancement Trust (EAT) has allocated close to $3.5 million to upgrade and replace laboratory equipment for undergraduate students. With technology changing at a lightning pace, EAT funding has enabled the college to acquire many pieces of valuable laboratory and shop equipment.

Dean's Fund

The Engineering Dean's Fund is an endowment fund supporting high-priority projects and initiatives that might otherwise go unsupported. Our goal is for the endowment fund to reach $1 million and we are getting close.

Indigenous Peoples Initiatives Fund

The Indigenous Peoples Initiative Fund is dedicated to funding projects, programs, and initiatives that enhance the recruitment, education, and retention of Indigenous students in the College of Engineering as well as outreach to the Indigenous community.

College of Engineering Centennial Scholarship Fund

The College of Engineering Centennial Scholarship Fund, created in honour of the college's 100th anniversary, will provide permanent funding for an expanded, improved engineering student scholarship and award program.

Annual Fund

Gifts to the Campaign for Students will support the 2016-18 EAT and new initiatives to support engineering student retention and success programs. The College of Engineering's Engineering Advancement Trust (EAT) is a long-standing fund dedicated to upgrading and replacing laboratory equipment for current and future generations of undergraduate students in the College - across all disciplines.

Whatever area you might choose to direct your donation, the College of Engineering welcomes your support. 

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