Do you need keys?

Keys are provided to staff and faculty at the College of Engineering so they may access facilities to carry out their work and research. Keys are also made available to non-university staff and faculty who need access to various parts of the college. All requests are processed through the office of the college's key custodian.

Request keys

If you need a key, please complete a Key Request Form, have it signed by your supervisor or department head and then submit it to Lowell Levenick, College Key Custodian. Only signed forms will be processed. 

You may also need to fill out the following forms. Please speak with your department's administrative assistant to determine if they are needed for your key request. 

1. Worker Orientation Checklist and Safety Certificates  

2. Working Alone or After Hours Form 

Picking up your keys

When you pick up your keys, you will need to bring a valid piece of ID (student ID or other photo ID). Only the person who requested the keys may pick them up. Keys may be picked up on weekdays between 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. 

If you have problems with your keys, submit a Facilities Customer Request. You may also forward your customer request email to

Lost or stolen keys

If your keys are lost or stolen, you must report this immeidately to the college key custodian, either in person at Room 1B97.3 or by emailing Your department head or supervisor may need to give permission before you are issued replacement keys.

Loaner keys

The college key custodian does not keep loaner sets of keys. Some departmetns may provide loaners for their respective areas; check with the department's administrative assistant about this. 

You may not, under any circumstance, loan your keys to someone else, even if that person has permission to access the space. Your keys are engraved with a personal key code and are for your use only. 

Desk/file cabinet keys

If you need keys for a desk or a filing cabinet in your workspace, please contact the college key custodian and provide the three- or four-digit code engraved on the lock cylinder. Examples of lock codes are: G11, FR111, 111T(A)

Returning keys

After completing your work/research at the college, you must promptly return your keys to your supervisor or the college key custodian. You may receive an Exit Form that must be signed by the key custodian. Only the person that the keys were assigned to should return them.

College key policy

All key holders must follow the college key policy.


If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Lowell Levenick, college key custodian. 

He may be reached via email at or by calling 306-966-5388. He is located in Room 1B97.3 in the Engineering Building.