First Year

Not sure which branch of engineering to study? We have you covered. Our first year at USask Engineering is a general year with common core subjects.

By the end of your first term, you will have been introduced to all eight of our program areas (also refered to as disciplines or majors), and will get to choose five to explore in greater detail during our Discipline Experience week - giving you the opportunity to compare and contrast options and learn about the variety of work engineers do! 

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers – also known as process engineers – take raw materials, living cells, chemicals, microorganisms or other energy sources and use them to create useful products.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE)

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers build our physical world - roads and buildings, bridges and tunnels, airports and subway systems, water and sewage systems.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) 

Computer Engineering

Computer engineers design, develop and integrate computer programs and technology into devices and systems that improve how we interact with our world. They design smart devices such as cellular phones, GPS navigators, video entertainment systems, medical imaging equipment, monitoring devices and more.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) 

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design, build, and manage devices, systems, and networks that will deliver power, internet, text, voice, and video information around the globe.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE)

Engineering Physics

Engineering physicists design sensors for satelites, medical imaging equipment, radiation detection, and more.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) 

Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineers protect and improve public health and the environment, including protection and reclaimation of air/water/land, recycling of materials, and energy revcovery.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) 

Geological Engineering

Geological engineers ensure that extractive operations are designed and implemented in a way that is safe, sustainable, and minimizes impact on the environment and also evaluate stability of the land and design structures to withstand natural forces.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE) 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design, develop, build and test everything from engines, to power systems, to medical devices, to mining equipment, and beyond.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BE)