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Picture of  Shafiq Alam

Shafiq Alam Associate Professor and Faculty Supervisor, Chemical Engineering

Picture of  Donna  Beneteau

Donna Beneteau M.A.Sc., P.Eng. Departmental Assistant, Mining - Civil and Geological Engineering

GEOE supervisor

Picture of  Joshua  Clarkson

Joshua Clarkson Academic Advisor / Program Coordinator

Picture of  Duncan  Cree

Duncan Cree Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

ME supervisor

Picture of  Kristen Cutting

Kristen Cutting Co-op & Employment Coordinator

Picture of Terry Fonstad

Terry Fonstad Professor and Faculty Supervisor, Environmental Engineering

Picture of  Glenn Hussey

Glenn Hussey Professor and Faculty Supervisor, Engineering Physics

Picture of  Kerry  Mazurek

Kerry Mazurek Associate Professor of Civil and Geological Engineering

CE supervisor

Alecia Shewchuk Administrative Support

Picture of  David  Torvi

David Torvi Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering

ME supervisor

Picture of  Khan Wahid

Khan Wahid Professor and Faculty Supervisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering