There are many reasons why you might want to hire an intern. Some of the benefits of having an intern in your workplace include:

A fresh, new perspective in the work environment

A trial period that may turn into future employment

Provide assistance with specific projects

May assist in branding your organization on campus when they return to their studies

Candidate Profiles

Committed: All interns are required to complete an 8, 12 or 16 month placement.
Diverse: Candidates have an academic background in either Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Geological, Physics or Mechanical Engineering.
Educated: Most interns have excelled academically and are in their third year of undergraduate studies.1

Prepared: To ensure their success, all interns attend a mandatory session prior to leaving on placement.

Internship Requirements

Start Dates

Eligible internship placements must begin in January, May or September.

Term Length

Eligible internship placements must be 8, 12 or 16 months in duration.2


Interns must be supervised by or receive in-depth mentorship from a licensed Professional Engineer.


Placements must be engineering focused. Labour and administrative positions do not qualify.

Recruitment Process

Internship job postings must be submitted online through CareerLink. Only students who have been approved by the College of Engineering to participate in the internship program have access to these postings.

Interview space is available on campus. Please contact Kristen Cutting, Co-op and Career Coordinator at (306) 966-5391 for assistance in booking space and scheduling interviews. 

To hire an intern through our program, offers of employment must be submitted online through CareerLink. Our program uses a rank and offer system aligned with our recruitment timelines. Please do not make offers directly to students.

The ranking form lists students to whom you would like to issue an offer, in order of preference. The College of Engineering will issue the offer to the first ranked candidate on your behalf. If that candidate declines or is no longer available, an offer will be send to subsequent candidates until the position is filled or your ranking list has been exhausted. 

It is important that you only rank candidates to whom you are prepared to make an offer.

Recruitment Timelines

Job postings advertised Beginning September 5, 2018
Application deadlines Beginning September 28, 2018
Interview window Oct. 1 - 11, 2018
Rankings submitted to the SECC through CareerLink by  12:00pm CST October 12, 2018
Ranking Day October 16, 2018
Companies notified of acceptances October 16-19, 2018

* Please note that there are a minimal number of students available for January placements.*

Job postings advertised Beginning November 1, 2018 
Application deadlines Beginning January 9, 2019
Interview window January 10-24, 2019
Rankings submitted to the SECC through CareerLink by 12:00pm CST January 25, 2019
Ranking Day January 29, 2019
Companies notified of acceptances January 29-February 1, 2019

* If you did not fill all of your internship positions during the above-mentioned timeframe, you may post your positions, interview and make offers through CareerLink anytime between February 4-April 26, 2019.* 

Job postings advertised Beginning May 1, 2019
Application deadlines Anytime between May 1-July 19, 2019
Interview window Anytime between May 1-July 24, 2019
Rankings submitted to SECC through CareerLink by Anytime between May 1-July 26, 2019
Companies notified of acceptances Anytime between May 1-July 26, 2019


2018 Professional Internship Program Statistics

130 students placed across Canada

53% of placements were for 16 months

65% of the placements were in Saskatchewan

Average salary in Saskatchewan: $3,772 per month

Average salary in Alberta: $4,597 per month

Some employers may be eligible to secure funding and/or grants when hiring an intern. Please refer to the following websites for details:

The Student Employment and Career Centre can assist you with additional recruitment needs on campus beyond internship, including attending career fairs, hosting information sessions and participating in networking sessions.

For additional information on the Professional Internship Program, please contact:

Kristen Cutting
Co-op and Career Coordinator
College of Engineering

1 To be eligible to participate in the Professional Internship Program, students must be registered in the College of Engineering, be in their third year of undergraduate studies, and have maintained a sessional average of 65% in the most recent session. 

2 If an employer intends to extend an offer for 8 months, it is recommended that the employer indicates "with the possibility of extension" when submitting a posting to the internship program through CareerLink.