Engineering Professional Internship Program

Connecting education, knowledge, and experience.

Please note that our Professional Internship Program is being phased out and replaced by our new Co-op Internship Program. Click here for details.


The Professional Internship Program connects quality students, faculty, and employers through an established network of engineering professionals. Whatever your individual or organizational goals, the College of Engineering is committed to helping you achieve them.

What distinguishes the Professional Internship Program from other forms of experiential learning, such as traditional co-op programs?

Education. Hire an employee, not a trainee. Employers gain access to qualified and committed young professionals.

Knowledge. Solve the unknown. Faculty members offer effective solutions to real-world problems through sponsored research.

Experience. Stand out from the rest. Interns develop a professional network and gain up to 16 months of workplace experience.

Support. A commitment to all. The program is supported by enthusiastic professionals with flexible solutions.



An internship is an excellent way to kickstart your career. Put your knowledge into practice.


You've just taken your first step towards a career as a Professional Engineer. We're here to help you along the way.


Cutting-edge research led by expert faculty members. Effective solutions are within your reach.


Hire an intern, meet a future employee, learn more about our program.

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