International Students

The Engineering Professional Internship Program is no longer accepting applications as the College of Engineering transitions to its new co-op internship program. For more information on this program, visit

Working Abroad

Seeking Employment

The College of Engineering requires that the direct supervisor of each intern be a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Canada. As a result, international employment opportunities cannot be considered for approval under the Professional Internship Program.

International Travel on Internship

In some instances, some employers have required that their interns travel internationally for business purposes. In the event that you elect or are required to travel internationally while on your placement, you must contact the International Student and Study Abroad Centre immediately.


In most circumstances, international students applying for a work permit are required to submit a letter of support from their academic institution.

Document Services: Once approved to participate in the program, registered interns who require a letter of support from the College of Engineering (for work permit, student load or registration purposes) should request such documentation by contacting

The College of Engineering will typically provide a letter confirming that students are eligible to participate in the internship program, have been approved for a specific start date, and are actively seeking employment through the program.

To participate in the Professional Internship Program, interns must be legally allowed to work within Canada.

While most domestic students with a Social Insurance Number are permitted to work across Canada, most international students must be proactive and ensure that they attain all appropriate documentation prior to beginning their placement.

For further information on the appropriate documentation reuqired to participate in the Professional Internship Program, international students are strongly encouraged to contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada approximately one academic term in advance of their departure for internship.

Whether you're an international student wishing to work in Canada or a domestic student seeking employment abroad, there is support.

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