Seeking Employment

By participating in the internship program, you've taken the first step in your professional career. While we cannot guarantee you employment, we are committed to providing you comprehensive support throughout your job search process.

As a registered intern, you will be provided with access to exclusive job opportunities secured for the internship program. To gain access to these job postings, students must:

Be approved to participate in the internship program;

Register for and attend a mandatory Introduction to Internship session; 

Pay a non-refundable $50 program fee.

The internship program also allows you to seek your own internship opportunity1 through sources other than CareerLink. All students have access to career preparation services at no cost. We encourage each student to strengthen their job applications by registering for and fully participating in these services.

Preparing for Internship

Advising: Interns are strongly encouraged to plan their academic schedule with an academic advisor.
Orientation: Interns who receive an offer of employment must attend an outgoing orientation session.
Connect: Introduce yourself to your assigned faculty supervisor; they are here to support you.

Accommodations: If required, secure living accommodations in advance of your departure.

Update: Ensure health coverage, insurance, and billable services are registered appropriately.
Leaving the Province? Complete a Notification of Extended Absence Form before and after your internship placement.

Work Term Obligations

The College of Engineering is committed to providing each intern with a challenging and rewarding internship experience. To ensure that each placement is positive, interns can expect a college representative to contact them at various stages throughout their internship.

Prior to departing for their placement, interns are required to attend an outgoing orientation session. This session will ensure that interns are prepared for the next stages in their internship.

Within the first few months of the work placement, the Co-op and Career Coordinator will contact each intern to address any questions, comments or concerns that may have arisen.

Faculty supervisors will provide feedback to students on technical reports that have been submitted for assessment.


As an intern, you are required to submit a written technical report to the College of Engineering every four months while you are on placement. All reporting documents must be approved by your employer. In turn, they will be assessed by your faculty supervisor and a grade of "pass" or "fail" will be assigned and affixed to your academic transcript.

In addition to submitting technical reports, you must ensure that your employer completes an Interim Employer Evaluation Form at the end of your first four months of employment. Additionally, you must ensure that your employer completes a  Final Employer Evaluation Form at the end of your internship placement.

Reporting Deadlines

Technical reports and employer evaluation forms must be submitted by the deadlines specified below. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade being assigned to your report.

Placement Start Date EPIP 401 Report EPIP 402 Report EPIP 403 Report EPIP 404 Report
May September 15th January 15th May 15th September 15th
September January 15th May 15th September 15th January 15th
January May 15th September 15th January 15th May 15th

All reports must be received by 23:59 CST on the dates specified above.

Reporting Submissions

All technical reports and employer evaluation forms must be submitted electronically through the Internship Reporting portal. On occasion, interns may be asked to resubmit a report. When this occurs, the resubmitted report is due within one week of receiving the resubmission notification email. 

For most interns, their internship placement is their first professional workplace experience. As such, it is important to make a lasting impression.

Be Punctual: Being on time is an absolute must. Prove to your supervisors and colleagues that you can be depended upon.

Attendance: Unless you are ill, there is an emergency, or you have been approved for time off, be sure to show up to work.

Requesting Time Off: Keep in mind that the majority of internships do not include vacation time or time off. Work with your supervisor if you need time off.

Appearance: Many employers will view your clothing and grooming as reflections of your attitude towards the job. Dress appropriately for your work environment.

Professional Development: Take advantage of the opportunity to connect with mentors in your workplace. Consider seeking out professional development opportunities outside of your workplace.

The well-being and workplace safety of each intern is a paramount priority of the College of Engineering and all industry participants.

If an intern has an occupational health and safety concern that they are either not comfortable discussing with their employer or that is unresolved, please contact the Co-op and Career Coordinator immediately.

Kristen Cutting
Co-op and Career Coordinator


Returning to the College


Your experience with faculty, staff, and students. Contact your Co-op and Career Coordinator for more details.


With an academic advisor to learn how to best prepare for your final year of undergraduate studies.


For all the courses you require to graduate. For assistance, contact the Engineering Student Centre.


With an undergraduate degree and up to 16 months of experience. You're ahead of the rest.


The Professional Internship Program aims to seamlessly connect education, knowledge, and experience.

Registration: The Engineering Student Centre will register all interns into their respective internship classes (EPIP 401, 402, 403, 404) on a quarterly basis. Interns will be assessed tuition fees for these courses.

Taking Classes on Internship: Provided the course is offered online or in the evening, interns can register in up to one course per term while on placement. Prior approval is required; please contact

Internship Extensions: If your employer wishes to extend the length of your internship, both you and your supervisor must provide written documentation indicating the length of the extension, changes to your responsibilities or supervision, and an indication that you accept the offer. Please submit all documentation to

Registered interns are considered both full-time employees of their respective organization and off-campus students of the University of Saskatchewan. As a result, various services are available to interns.

Document Services: Registered interns who require a letter of support from the College of Engineering (for work permit, student loan, or registration purposes) should contact

Saskatoon Transit and On-Campus Services: By default, registered interns do not receive a Saskatoon Transit Pass or access to on-campus services. To receive these benefits, interns can voluntarily opt-in to part-time on-campus fees by contacting Student Central.

Student Health and Dental: If desired, registered interns who opt-in by the required deadlines can enroll in the Student Health and Dental Plan. 2

International Travel Risk Management Services: If you elect or are required to travel internationally while on internship, you must contact the International Student and Study Abroad Centre.

For questions about the program, reporting, and "everything internship".

Kristen Cutting
Co-op and Career Coordinator
College of Engineering

1 Registered interns are permitted to seek their own internship opportunities. For the opportunity to be considered as part of the program, the offer cannot be extended directly to the student. Please refer the employer to the processes detailed on the Employer Services page on this website.

2 Registered interns are permitted to opt-in to the Student Health and Dental Plans provided they make such a request online during the required periods. By opting-in to these services, interns will be assessed charges as specified on the Student Health and Dental Plan website.