There's a place for you at USask Engineering.

There's more than one type of person who becomes an engineer.

Which one are you?

RE-ENGINEERED first-year program

Succeed in Engineering!

We've changed first-year engineering to focus on your success. Our experts in engineering education talked to students and professors and studied the latest research in teaching and learning. 

Your classes won't last the full semester - they'll be shorter so we can cover more topics. You'll be able to take what you've learned in one class and immediately apply it in another. And, because you'll be quizzed and tested throughout the semester - we've eliminated final exams. 

Build a strong foundation

You'll study math, mechanics, and electrical circuits and we'll also give you a solid introduction to each of the natural sciences - biology, chemistry, geology and physics - and explain how they connect to engineering.

Be more employable after first-year engineering

At the end of your first year, you will:
  • be proficient in one computer programming language
  • acquire design and CAD skills 
  • have first-aid, CPR and WHMIS training

Your first-year classes

Course  Description
Introduction to Engineering
Mechanics (Dynamics and Statics)
Engineering Mathematics
Electrical Circuits 
Engineering Communication
Additional first-year courses
Computer science
Natural sciences and their connection to engineering
Process Engineering
Hands-on experience in the engineering disciplines

  All first-year engineering students admitted to the College of Engineering take a common set of classes in the RE-ENGINEERED first year before applying to enter their specific discipline.

Choosing your discipline

You'll choose your engineering speciality, or discipline, near the end of first-year. We'll help you learn about the various disciplines during first-year. 

After you choose your discipline, it will be your focus for the rest of your degree. 

USask Engineering offers degrees in eight disciplines, all accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.  

Learn more about each discipline on the USask Admissions site: 


You can further enhance your education by taking additional specialized training in the following:

  • Mining Option. This option is available in our mechanical and geological engineering programs.
  • Petroleum, Mineral Processing and Biochemical Options. These options are available in our chemical engineering program.

Co-op Program

Kickstart your career

Get real-world engineering experience with our Co-op Internship Program. Work terms last 4, 8, 12 or 16 months in this optional program.

Co-op is open to both international and domestic students who have completed at least two years of their engineering degree. You may be able to apply up to 12 months of your pre-graduation work experience towards the requirement for your professional engineer designation. 

Enhance your degree

Discover your inner CEO with the Technological Innovation Certificate

Do you have an entrepreneurial streak? With the Technological Innovation Certificate (TIC), you'll learn how to:

  • spot problems that need technological innovation
  • design solutions
  • bring your solutions to market

The TIC is offered through the Graham School of Professional Development in the College of Engineering. You can earn the TIC in conjunction with your engineering degree.



Certificate in Professional Communication

Effective leaders communicate clearly and persuasively

Sharpen your skills in public speaking, persuasion, negotiation, technical writing and leadership by earning a Certificate in Professional Communication by earning a Certificate in Professional Communication. You can earn Certificate in Professional Communication in conjunction with your engineering degree through the Graham School of Professional Development at the College of Engineering. 

Indigenous Students in Engineering

We provide meaningful access to engineering for Indigenous Peoples, while we build and maintain respectful relationships with Indigenous communities.

We strive to provide an inclusive environment in the college that welcomes Indigenous Peoples. We highlight and celebrate Indigenous understanding. 


Become a USask Engineer:

Be part of a tightknit community of faculty and students, build friendships for life in our extracurricular groups, get top-quality training that will help you excel in your career. 


Why study here

Experience hands-on learning

From our wind tunnel to our anechoic chamber, our facilities help you make textbook concepts tangible. Our class sizes mean you will actually work with our lab equipment; our alumni say this is a significant advantage when you start your career.  

Hone skills in communication and entrepreneurship

USask Engineering is unique in Canada, offering professional development in both communication and engineering entrepreneurship at the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development. The school's Effective Professional Communication course for undergrads prepares students to navigate the challenges of communicating in a professional environment. 

Get academic support when you need it

In our RE-ENGINEERED first-year program, there are daily end-of-day tutorials, so you will always know where to find help. We want you to succeed in first-year engineering!  

Switch gears outside the classroom

USask Engineering is home to many award-winning groups. Whether you want to design and build a race car, airplane or steel bridge, or create and market your own invention, there's a group where you can do that. 

Test your skills

You will complete several design projects during your degree but perhaps the most exciting is the fourth-year Capstone Design Project. Your Capstone project allows you to apply top-down design principles to a year-long project, culminating in a presentation of a final working design. 

Join our proud alumni

We treat our USask Engineering alumni like family, stayed connected through special events, alumni chapters and more. 

Admissions and Transfer Credit

Admission Requirements

Please review the program pages (see above) for admission requirements and deadlines. There are options available if you don't have the grades or classes you need. We also offer English for Academic Purposes.

Transfer Credit

Students who have completed other post-secondary coursework may be eligible to receive advanced standing (or transfer credit) in their engineering degree program. 


Information about admission requirements and deadlines, tuition and more are listed on each program page.

Contact the Engineering Student Centre Office if you still have questions.