Indigenous Peoples Initiatives Community (IPIC) Engineering Access Program

The Indigenous Peoples Initiatives Community (IPIC) Engineering Access Program provides proactive supports to Indigenous students that increase access to engineering through new pathways, improves the transition to being an engineering student, and creates a community for student success through engagement events and peer support. The IPIC Engineering Access Program consists of pathways to engineering through Northlands PRES and ASAP STEM; a Summer Bridging Program; and a Student Success Program.

Pathways to Engineering

Students that do not have the required pre-requisites to apply to the College of Engineering can register for a year of academic upgrading through the Aboriginal Student Achievement Program into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (ASAP-STEM) Pathway to Engineering Program or Northlands Pre-Engineering and Science (PRES) Program. During this year of upgrading students will meet with an academic advisor from the Engineering Student Centre to discuss the requirements of the engineering program. Once students successfully complete either the ASAP STEM Pathway to Engineering Program or Northlands PRES Program, they must attend the Summer Bridging Program before starting their first year of engineering.

Summer Bridging Program

The Engineering Student Centre in the College of Engineering is offering a Summer Bridging Program for Indigenous Students as part of the new IPIC Engineering Access Program. Sessions will be provided that focus on transitioning to living in Saskatoon, navigating the University of Saskatchewan campus, and academic preparation for engineering. Industry tours and guest speakers will be included to allow students to see and experience career options in engineering.

For more information about the Summer Bridging Program, including how to apply, please contact the Indigenous Peoples Initiatives Office