We are continuing to accept new applications from within Canada for admission into USask Engineering until July 1. More information for prospective students and those already admitted to the college is available on the USask COVID-19 update site.

What is Engineering?

Become a USask Engineer

Engineers are creative problem-solvers. Using their knowledge of science, technology and math, engineers team up with others to analyze and solve local and global problems, like providing clean water to communities, making computer chips more reliable or bioengineering artificial organs and tissues.

Why Study Engineering?

Engineering has more impact on our day-to-day lives than any other profession.

What type of people make good engineers? Lots of different types, because the field of engineering is so broad!

Engineers must be incredibly creative when confronted with solving the problems of our modern society. They apply scientific knowledge and principles to develop solutions.

If you are curious about how things work and have a keen mind for applying what you learn, engineering is the perfect way to use your talents.

Engineers care about the world around them. They strive to safeguard public safety, the environment, health, property, and economic interests.  

Our Programs

USask Engineering offers eight accredited undergraduate engineering degrees. We also offer graduate degrees in those eight disciplines as well as in Biological and Biomedical engineering.

Choosing your discipline

In your first year at USask Engineering, you will take a common set of first-year classes (known as the first-year common core). Near the end of your first year, you will apply for admission into your chosen engineering major or discipline. 

Transfer students

Students who begin their studies in a college other than the College of Engineering are encouraged to consult an Academic Advisor in the Engineering Student Centre to plan which engineering classes they will take, choose courses (including electives), and monitor their academic progress.


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