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After you submit your online application, you will be notified by email if you need to provide any additional documents.  

Learn more about USask Engineering

The RE-ENGINEERED Student Handbook has the info you need: from computer specs to an overview of our new grading system. 


Setting Up for Success is an online event that's useful for both parents and students. It includes an overview of RE-ENGINEERED, our new first-year program, plus info on student supports, scholarships, our co-op program and a question-and-answer session with college advisors. 

Watch UStart

UStart Session #1

UStart is a collection of pre-orientation sessions held in May and June. If you missed our live sessions, don't worry. You can watch them on YouTube.

UStart Session #2

Register for classes

All students in the RE-ENGINEERED first-year program at the College of Engineering register for block classes, meaning you will register for one group, or block, of classes.  

Block schedules

FALL TERM: You can choose from 12 different block schedules in Fall Term. In Blocks 1-6, your Top Up or spare is on Thursday morning; in Blocks 7-12 Top Up or spare is on Tuesday morning.

Please note, the daily class schedules are different in each block. For example, students in Block 1 could  have Mechanics on Monday at 8:30 am, while students in Block 2 could have Math at that time. (These are examples only. Actual class schedules will be different.)

If you want to have the same daily class schedule as a friend, you must register in the SAME block.  

WINTER TERM: There are 12 different blocks in Winter Term, with several choices as to when you have your Top Up or spare.

Don't forget about the half-speed option

The half-speed option stretches first-year courses over two years, in case you need more time for family, a job, sports or studying. You will still be considered a full-time student. To enroll in the half-speed option, register for a full block of classes, then book an appointment with an academic advisor in the Engineering Student Centre, who will move you into the half-speed option. Learn more on Page 19 of the RE-ENGINEERED Student Handbook.

Do the Summer Top Ups

Summer Top Ups (STUs) are mandatory online quizzes and tutorials in Math, Physics, Chemistry, English and Indigenous Reconciliation, largely based on high school material. They will help you review concepts and material you will need to successfully start first-year engineering. 

• STUs will become available in August.

• You’ll have access to correct answers and tutorials, so you can “top up” your high school knowledge and skills if necessary; you won’t need your high school textbooks.

• Each set of quizzes will take one to two hours; you may take them more than once.

• An email will be sent to your PAWS account when the STUs are available.

• After classes begin in September, teaching assistants will be available to help if something has you stumped.

• Taking the STUs will give you experience with the university’s new online learning system, Canvas, as well as another one called Mobius.

Fall Welcome

USask Activities

USask has the info you need as you begin your student life here. Check out the Fall Welcome broadcast and learn about daily online and in-person sessions that run until Sept. 8. Pick up tips on resilience, wellness, student services, and more. Plus there's an onlinr scavenger hunt that's open until September 9! 

Engineering welcome

Couldn't make our virtual orientation? Check it out here to meet the dean, learn about how academic advisors can help you and more!

2021 Fall Term schedules

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USask has more information about academics, finances, health and wellness and more.

Engineering: It's more than you think!

This event explores the incredible diversity of an engineering degree. Hear from USask Engineering students, alumni, professors, and researchers about where their degrees have led them - from a mechanical engineer who's developing eco-friendly plastic to computer engineering students who are building smart sensors for farmland.