Check your application

After you submit your online application, you will be notified by email if you need to provide any additional documents.  

The USask admissions site has more details about following up your application.

Prepare for first year

WATCH: Setting up for success

This online event is useful for parents and students alike. It includes an overview of RE-ENGINEERED, our new first-year program, plus info on student supports, scholarships, our co-op program and a question-and-answer session with college advisors. 

Attend UStart

U-Start is a collection of pre-orientation activities and resources provided in May and June to help new USask students prepare for university. We'll post more information about USask Engineering sessions once it's finalized. 


Attend USask Orientation

USask Orientation happens at the start of the fall semester in September and in January, for students who begin classes in the winter semester. Check back here for dates and details about USask orientation and additional sessions offered by USask Engineering. 


More USask resources for new students

This is the place to find more information about academics, finances, health and wellness and more. 

Do the Summer Top Ups

Summer Top Ups (STUs) are free online modules, available in August, offered in three subjects: Chemistry, Mathematics, and Mechanics (Physics). They fill in potential gaps from high school classes

• The STUs are a series of online quizzes in each subject that will help identify if you’re missing any key knowledge and skills from your high school courses.

• You’ll have access to correct answers and tutorials, so you can “top-up” your high school knowledge and skills; you won’t need your high school textbooks.

• Each set of quizzes will take one to two hours; you may take them more than once.

• STUs are optional and are not part of your first-year classes, so your results won’t count toward your grades.

• An email will be sent to your PAWS account when the STUs are available.

• After classes begin in September, Teaching Assistants will be available to help if something has you stumped.

• Taking the STUs will give you experience with the university’s new online learning system, Canvas, as well as another one called Mobius.

Read the full article about Summer Top Ups. 

Check out first-year supports

Facilitated study sessions

• All first-year students are welcome to attend
• Held Thursdays from 5:30 - 7:30 pm
• Located in the Engineering Library.
• Discuss and clarify concepts with professors, upper-year students and your peers
• Practise problems and prepare for exams
• Get help developing effective study strategies


Learning communities

What is a Learning Community? A Learning Community (LC) is a group of 30 students from the same college who share a common schedule.

What happens in an LC? Engineering LC students meet weekly in an LC Hour with two Peer Mentors. These upper-year university students help students in the LC learn more about their program, how to study, and get academic help.

How do I join an LC? Registration for first-year learning communities happens in spring. Learn more about LCs and registration.

Learn more about engineering

WATCH: Engineering: It's more than you think

This event explores the incredible diversity of an engineering degree. Hear from USask Engineering students, alumni, professors, and researchers about where their degrees have led them - from a mechanical engineer who's developing eco-friendly plastic to computer engineering students who are building smart sensors for farmland.