We recommend posting jobs four months in advance of the work term start dates of January, May and September. The posting period continues throughout the 4 months leading up to the work term, and it’s up to you to set your application deadlines. 

Job offers are made to students on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend beginning the recruitment process early during the co-op posting period. 

A sample recruitment timeline is:

  • Post job (on job board for two weeks)
  • Review applications (one week)
  • Interview candidates (one week)
  • Extend offer directly to the student and cc' engineering.coop@usask.ca

Co-op students need to be paid a regular wage or salary, but there is no fee to post jobs with our programs, shortlist candidates for interview, or to hire.

Employers set the wages, which should be competitive for the work the student is doing, reflective of industry standards, and in line with regional, provincial, or federal employment standards.

Some employers offer additional benefits, such as relocation or tuition incentives in order to attract applicants.

We can advise you on typical salary ranges for specific jobs and levels of experience. Contact us to learn more.

Supervisors often take on the role of mentor for their co-op students, supporting them throughout the work term by offering advice and providing feedback. 

There are some additional responsibilities when hiring a co-op student:

Beginning of the work term
The student will set learning objectives, which we encourage the supervisor and student to establish together in order to set realistic and challenging goals.

Midway through the term
A Co-op Coordinator will schedule a site visit with the student and supervisor in order to discuss the student’s learning, progress, and performance thus far.

At the end of the term
The supervisor will complete an evaluation form that assesses the student's performance and progress throughout the term. There may be other requirements for evaluating co-op work term assignments or reports, which vary by co-op program.  

Students are available starting in January, May, and September each year. We begin postings jobs up to four months before the start date. Start the recruitment process early to make sure you get access to the biggest pool of available candidates.

January September-December
May January-April
September May-August

We've narrowed it down to these top 4 reasons:

Committed: Students commit to completing their work placement in its entirety. Our students are eager to apply their knowledge in a professional environment.

Educated: Students have met specific criteria for admission into our program and many have excelled academically.

Prepared: To ensure their success, students complete a cooperative education and internship preparation course and must attend a mandatory pre-departure session prior to leaving on their work placement.

DiverseStudents come from all 8 of our undergraduate programs including ChemicalCivilComputerElectricalEnvironmentalGeologicalEngineering Physics and Mechanical.

No, we assist international students with applying for work permits that will allow them to legally work in Canada as part of their degree.