About the Co-op Mentorship

The benefits of mentorship, to both the mentor and mentee, have been widely acknowledged in literature, research and work-integrated learning programs. Both people involved in a strong mentoring partnership enjoy greater career satisfaction, self-esteem, work-life integration and many other personal and professional benefits.

The purpose of the mentorship component of the Engineering Co-op Internship Program is to partner each co-op student with a professional engineer who is willing to share their wisdom, teaching and support. The mentor is a person who is involved in the engineering community but is not directly associated with the student's co-op employment or academics.

Specifically, your role as mentor is to provide the student with guidance and support as they embark on and navigate the first eight months of their work placement and to assist the student in the development of their engineering and essential employability skills.

Is Mentoring for You?

Consider applying to the mentorship component of the Co-op Internship Program if you are: 

A professional engineer with a keen interest in helping students by sharing the expertise and wisdom that you have gained throughout your career;

Open to helping students talk through and find solutions to interpersonal challenges they may face during their work placements (i.e. how to handle conflict in the workplace);

Willing to provide constructive feedback and comments on a student's reflective assignment;

Able to provide specific information on the engineering profession and willing to share your own experience transitioning to a career in engineering; and

Hold (or have held) a Professional Engineering designation through APEGS (or an equivalent).

Mentor Expectations

Mentor for Eight Months. Serve as a mentor for the first 8 months of at least one co-op student’s work placement. However, you can serve as mentor for up to 10 students simultaneously if you can fully commit the time and effort required for each student.

Provide Feedback. Read the student’s 8-month reflection assignment and give feedback during a conversation with the student.

Be Available. Provide your contact information to the student should they have questions or need guidance throughout their co-op work placement.

One-on-One Meetings. Have at least three conversations with the student (for the time being the conversations will be in a virtual matter) for at least 30 minutes each. However, your meetings can be longer if required/desired.

Mentorship Process

If you are interested in mentoring one of our co-op students, please fill out the Engineering Co-op Internship Mentor Application by clicking the Apply button below. Your information will be collected by and remain with program staff. You may fill out the application at any time of the year; however, mentoring partnerships will only be matched three times a year as students prepare to begin their work placements.

Once our program staff has received your information, we will follow up with a telephone call regarding the specifics of the mentorship component of the program.

Approximately two months prior to co-op students beginning their work placement, our program staff will match students with mentors. Unfortunately, a match may not be available for everyone that applies to be a mentor as we have a limited number of students. If that is the case for you, you will remain in our system and be selected for partnership for the next round of students. Our co-op students begin their placements in January, May or September; therefore you can expect being notified on your mentoring partnership in November, March or July.

Prior to a co-op student beginning their work placement, you and the student will be notified of your mentoring partnership. The student will be given direction to contact you once he/she has begun his/her work placement. Throughout the first eight months of the student's work placement, you will provide mentorship. Refer to the list of mentor expectations listed previously on this website.