REQUIRED: Pre-Qualification Form

Before you are formally invited to apply as a graduate student to the College of Engineering, you must complete the Pre-Qualification Form. 

What is the Pre-Qualification Form?
This is an online form that gathers basic information about you and the area of research you wish to pursue. It is not a formal application. You must submit the Pre-Qualification Form before your application will be considered. Please do not send any additional documents at this stage. 

Who reviews the Pre-Qualification Forms?

The completed Pre-Qualification Forms are regularly forwarded to faculty for their review. If a faculty member is interested in your application, you will be contacted by the department. 

When do I officially apply to become a graduate student?

You will not be invited to formally apply as a graduate student until a faculty member agrees to supervise you. 

What if I don't receive a response after submitting the Pre-Qualification Form? 

If you do not receive a response within four weeks, we don't currently have a spot available for you. While we appreciate your interest in our college, due to the large number of inquiries we receive we cannot respond individually to each prospective student.

Can I submit the Pre-Qualification Form more than once?

You may submit the Pre-Qualification Form again if you did not initially receive a response. Please do not resubmit more than once in an four-week period.


Contact us if you have questions about the Pre-Qualification Form or applying.