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As a University of Saskatchewan graduate, you will have great memories of your time at the college. You can help make sure our current and future students have the same exceptional experience - inside and outside the classroom.

We value your give and your desire to make an impact at the College of Engineering. When you choose to donate, you can direct your gift to the area that most interests you. 

Make an Impact

The Engineering Advancement Trust (EAT)

Contribute to the EAT
  • Alumni have created a legacy of giving back.
  • Ensures engineering education at USask remains engaging and on the leading edge.
  • Funds transformative projects and valuable laboratory and shop equipment.


Dean's Fund

Your gift to the Engineering Dean’s Fund enables Dean Suzanne Kresta to leverage valuable opportunities that arise during the academic year. Through this endowment fund, we support high-priority projects and initiatives that we otherwise could not. The fund also supports our student design teams and enables students to host or attend professional conferences and competitions, among other valuable opportunities.


Indigenous Peoples Initiatives Fund

The Indigenous Peoples Initiative Fund is dedicated to funding projects, programs, and initiatives that enhance the recruitment, education, and retention of Indigenous students in the College of Engineering as well as outreach to the Indigenous community. These include the Student Ambassador Program, Student Success Program, and Bridging Program.


College of Engineering Centennial Scholarship Fund

The College of Engineering Centennial Scholarship Fund provides funding for an expanded, improved engineering student scholarship and award program. The fund is reviewed annually to meet areas of greatest or emerging need, to fill gaps in student award support and comprehensively support more students.

Wherever you may choose to direct your gift, we appreciate your thoughtful support. 

Impact Reports

Discover how alumni, friends, and industry partners have inspired success in the College of Engineering.

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