Canadian School of Nuclear Energy Management

In partnership with IAEA

May 26 - June 6, 2025


Join the First Western Canadian School of Nuclear Energy Management, co-hosted with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This two-week certificate course focuses on greenfield nuclear deployment and the challenges of introducing nuclear industry to new jurisdictions. It is designed for young and mid-career nuclear professionals entering the field of nuclear energy and technology.

May 26-June 6, 2025

Certificate course

In-person classes

What You'll Gain

  • International Education & Networking: Gain a global perspective and connect with future leaders and managers of nuclear energy.
  • Recent Developments: Stay updated on the latest advancements in nuclear energy.
  • Key Issues & Challenges: Deepen your understanding of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
  • Leadership & Management: Develop the competencies needed to run a national nuclear energy program effectively.

Program Details

Professionals sitting around a table having a meeting

Gain foundational skills and knowledge required to successfully manage and lead a nuclear energy program. The school will have a focus on greenfield nuclear deployment, and challenges of introducing nuclear industry to a new jurisdiction. 

Course Topics

  • Introduction to IAEA and its nuclear services and technology
  • Nuclear energy and power economics
  • Greenfield nuclear deployment
  • Nuclear safety, radiation protection, security, and safeguards
  • Nuclear law and legislation
  • Workforce development and nuclear knowledge management
  • Advanced nuclear power concepts, including the nuclear fuel cycle and radioactive waste management
  • Emergency planning, preparedness, and response
  • Stakeholder engagement and public communication

Learning Methods

  • Lectures: Gain insights from leading experts.
  • Discussions: Participate in active dialogues on critical topics.
  • Case Studies: Analyze real-world scenarios.
  • Group Exercises: Collaborate with peers.
  • Technical Visits: See real-world applications.

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For more information, visit the School of Nuclear Energy Management | IAEA.

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