New Rings: The Iron Ring Ceremony

To obtain an iron ring initially, qualified candidates must be deemed worthy, and participate in an iron ring ceremony called "The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer".  Kipling Camp #4 generally conducts ceremonies twice per year; in the spring and the fall. 

Iron Ring Replacements

If you are an alumnus of Kipling Camp #4 (Saskatoon), and you've lost/damaged your ring or the old one no longer fits comfortably, a replacement can be ordered. The fee for a ring replacement is $20.

Forms of Payment

Payment can be made by credit, debit, email transfer, or cheque.

  1. Credit/Debit/Paypal
  2. Email Money Transfer
    please send it to and set the password for us to accept the transfer as "ironring"  
  3. Personal Cheque
    please make it out to "Kipling Camp #4" and use our mailing address

Your ring will be available once payment has been received. It can either be picked up or mailed to you. 

Note: This service is provided by volunteers; we appreciate your patience while we process your order. The College of Engineering and the Corporation of the Seven Wardens Inc./Société des Sept Gardiens Inc. are independent bodies.

Contact Us

Denard Lynch, Kipling Camp #4 Secretary