We can help you become a persuasive, effective leader. A stronger writer. An innovative entrepreneur. 

About us

  Based in the University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering

  Faculty are recognized experts in communication and technological innovation

  We offer formal credentials in three specialized areas of communication and in technological innovation

  Classes open to USask students and practising professionals

  On-demand courses available for workplaces

  Graham School advantages include: small class sizes; personal attention and feedback from our faculty; opportunities to hone your skills in class

Specialized Communication Certificates

We offer three separate, specialized certificates in professional communication. Each requires three classes. (They replace the Certificate in Professional Communication that requires six classes.)

Persuasive Communication (CPC-PC)

Learn the theory of persuasive communication, develop written and oral communication skills, and learn to communicate well as a leader and a team member. 

Leadership and Negotiation (CPC-LN)

Develop your skills in leadership and negotiation, and cultivate sound judgment as a communicator in professional practice.

Technical and Professional Writing (CPC-TPW)

Improve your professional writing skills for both general and scientific audiences.

Admission requirements and Deadlines

For information regarding the admission requirements and deadlines, check the U of S Admissions Page.

Applications are open for the upcoming intake. Applications will close in June for the Fall Term intake, and in November for the Winter Term intake.


Do you want to be a strategic communicator?

"The (certificate in professional communication) gave me the skills to communicate my vision."

Do you want to be more persuasive?

"Persuasion is about driving to that common understanding."

Do you want to be a stronger leader?

"The certificate in professional communication allowed me to explore different leadership styles, which made me both a better leader and a better team member." 

Do you want to be a more credible communicator?

"Credibility is a major cornerstone of professional relationships." 

Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

"Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a Skill set that can be Taught and Learned"

Our focus at the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development is to bring USask students proven frameworks, courses, workshops, professional networks and advisory services to create a rigorous and practical educational experience. We develop innovators and future leaders by inspiring their ambition, fostering their transportable skills and broadening their professional paths.

Get Started

Our Tech Innovation ecosystem offers Usask students many entry points to start their journey including: 

  • Low commitment events and workshops
  • Courses for certain topics and skill sets
  • Academic certification program to set you apart
  • Academic educational accelerator
  • Faculty and expert mentorship

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Speaker Series

Speaker Series


SIGMA Demo Day

CoursesEvents and Workshops

CoursesEvents and Workshops

Technological Innovation Certificate (TIC)

The TIC program introduces students to business fundamentals and the processes necessary to design and commercialize technologically innovative solutions. The program runs over two years. In this time you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • identify problems with good tech innovation opportunities;
  • design solutions to those problems, and
  • commercialize your innovative solution.

Technological Innovation - Leading Innovative Teams (CTI-LIT)

The Certificate in Technological Innovation – Leading Innovative Teams (CTI-LIT) program introduces students to business fundamentals and to the processes necessary to design and commercialize technologically-innovative solutions. The program cultivates in the students the strategic mindset to assess an organization's capacity for innovation, to engage effectively with key stakeholders, and to shape their organization so that they can continuously build and commercialize valuable innovations.

The Certificate in Technological Innovation – Leading Innovative Teams (CTI-LIT) program is a certificate that prepares students for being a team leader in managing implementing new technologies and managing the organizational changes. The program consists of five courses (12 credits). All courses within the program have an organizational management focus. The program is jointly delivered by the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development, College of Engineering and Edwards School of Business.

Certificate in Technology Innovation - New Product Market (CTI-NPM)

The Certificate in Technological Innovation – New Product Market (CTI-NPM) program cultivates an interdisciplinary and a customer focused mindset in product development practice. In particular, the students will develop skills in the practice of marketing research and product definition for being the future entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirements

All applicants to this program must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for admission:

  1. Completed at least 60 credit units of post-secondary coursework
  2. 60% average in the most recent 18 credit units of completed coursework
  3. Proficiency in English

Ready to apply?

Both external applicants and current USask students must complete the online application form by the application deadline. If you are a current USask student, consult your academic advisor regarding enrolling in this program.

For applicants new to USask, a non-refundable application fee of $90 CAD is required before your application will be processed. Current USask students do not need to pay an application fee.


SIGMA Program

SIGMA is an award-winning program that helps USask students hone their entrepreneurial skills. You bring your proof-of-concept or ready-to-market technology to SIGMA (Saskatchewan Innovation, Growth & Market Acceleration) and we will help you fully develop its potential. 

Applications will open soon for the 2023 edition. 

Want to find your inner entrepreneur? 

"It starts from incubating an idea, to develop the skills and mindset to help grow it and pursue it."

Want to open more doors with your engineering degree? 

"What the technological innovation certificate allowed me to do is see the broader spectrum of what an engineer is."

Do you want to capitalize on your curiosity? 

"Curiosity allows us to approach problems in new and unique ways."

Do you want to be a stronger collaborator? 

"In the broad sense, collaboration enables success."

Public Speaking Competition

Kaitlin Olmsted won the 2022 speech competition.

Each year, the Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development hosts a speech competition that is open to all students who have completed RCM 200 or RCM 300. 

The 2023 winner is Millie Jamieson. Congratulations!


On-demand professional development

We offer a range of professional development to organizations beyond the university. Our expertise includes:

  • Leadership
  • Design and creativity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication

On demand training: Communication skills for professionals

This is a series of courses that will help teams enhance their communication skills. Three modules (9 hours each) provide a comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of persuasive communication, managing writing situations, and effective public speaking.  

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