Parcels and Shipments

Courier Parcels and freight are delivered to room 1B97.3, and consignees will receive a delivery notification via email. Parcels may be picked up or, upon request, delivered to the mail area in 3B48 between 2:00 - 3:00 pm daily. Parcels addressed to the College of Engineering must be marked with your full name, NSID, and department. Please note that personal packages should not be sent to the college addresses. 

For individuals needing to ship Parcels, they'll need to complete a EShops Shipping Form, and bring the Parcel along with the completed Form to 1B97.3. Shipments being sent to an address within Canada must be brought down no later than 12PM for potential same day shipping. International shipments must be brought by no later than 9AM for potential same day shipping. Guarentees of same day shipping cannot be made.

For more information, email

Compressed Gas

Compressed gas cylinders are delivered to the compressed gas storage cage by Linde on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This cage acts as a central pickup point for cylinders, and is not to be used as long-term storage.

When a cylinder is delivered, the recipient (department, account holder, or individual) will be contacted. Empty cylinders to be returned are placed in the far left side of the cage for pickup. The cage is actively maintained by the Engineering Shipper/Receiver, who should be contacted if you require access to the cage.

All individuals handeling compressed gases must ensure they have read and adhere to the Compressed Gas Cylinder Safe Handling Use

Please Note: Some accounts within the College are maintained by the Engineering Shipper/Receiver. If you need to order a gas, check with your supervisor and ask if you need to fill out a Compressed Gas Order Form.

For more information or to report an issue with the cage, email