ECE Faculty & Staff List

Picture of  Brian Berscheid

Brian Berscheid BSc, BA, Ph.D, P. Eng Barbhold Chair & Assistant Professor

Picture of  Roy Billinton

Roy Billinton BSc, MSc, PhD, D.Sc Distinguished Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Ron Bolton

Ron Bolton B.E, M.Sc., Ph.D Emeritus Professor

Picture of  C.Y. (Tony) Chung

C.Y. (Tony) Chung B.Eng.Hons., Ph.D., FIEEE, FIET NSERC/SaskPower Senior Industrial Research Chair in Smart Grid Technologies & Professor

Picture of  Jan Compain

Jan Compain Graduate Assistant (Electrical & Biomedical Engineering)

Picture of  David Dodds

David Dodds B.E, M.Sc. Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Robert Gander

Robert Gander BSc, MSc, PhD Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Safa Kasap

Safa Kasap BSc, MSc, PhD, D.Sc., P. Eng Saskatchewan Centennial Enhancement Chair & Distinguished Professor

Picture of Dr. Xiaodong Liang

Dr. Xiaodong Liang B.Eng, M.Eng M.Sc, PhD, P.Eng CRC Tier II Nominee - in Technology Solutions for Energy Security in Remote, Northern, and Indigenous Communities, Associate Professor

Picture of  Ha Nguyen

Ha Nguyen B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D Professor, NSERC/Cisco Industrial Research Chair in Low-Power Wireless Access for Sensor Networks

Picture of  Mohindar Sachdev

Mohindar Sachdev BSc, MSc, PhD, D.Sc., F.I, E.E., F.I.E.E.E, F.E.I.C. Emeritus Professor

Picture of  Hugh Wood

Hugh Wood B.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. Emeritus Professor