Cadence software is being used primarily in the following courses:

  • EE800 Circuit Elements in Digital Design (S-B. Ko)

The electrical circuit aspects of digital systems. Includes logic devices, data bus design, processor architecture, input-output techniques, input-output devices, mangetic and electronic storage devices, computer communication techniques and devices.

  • EE802 Advanced VLSI Design and Analysis (L. Chen)

A study of semiconductor devices with special emphasis placed on device operation in VLSI circuits. Topics include device physics, electrical characteristics, computer simulation of circuits, speed-power-area considerations, circuit synthesis, and CMOS integrated circuit design. Additional lecture topics as requested may be given. A design project is also required.

  • CME342 VLSI Circuit Design (L. Chen)

A general introduction to VLSI design, analysis, and simulation. Topics include CMOS cell design, logical effort, circuit simulation and system design.


Cadence software is being used in many research projects, including:

Analog/RF system design, MEMS and Sensors (A.Dinh)
Computer Arithmetic and Computer Architecture (S-B. Ko)
Hardware Efficient Algorithms and Architecture (D. Teng)
Radiation-Hardened Microelectronics (L. Chen)
Medical Imaging Applications (K. Wahid)

Graduate Students

Dr. Li Chen Students

Allen Tian, (M.Sc, in progress) Fault tolerant SRAM circuits
Cheng Gu, (Ph.D., in progress): pulsed laser for fault injection
Xuantian Li (M.Sc, in progress): GPU for space applications
Zhichao Zhang, (postdoc, in progress): fault-tolerant storage cells
Abdul Khan (, in progress): fault-tolerant Analog circuits
Jaime Cardenas (M.Sc, in progress): fault-tolerant SRAM
Shuting Shi (Visiting Professor); fault-tolerant digital circuits

Dr. Anh Dinh Students

Son Pham (Ph.D., in progress) Fungus sensors using MEMS
Karimali Panjvani (M.Sc.) Root phenotyping (Co-supervised with Dr. Khan Wahid)

Dr. Seok-bum Ko Students

Amir Kaivani (Ph.D., in progress) Computer arithmetic (DFP Square Root)

Dr. Khan Wahid Students

Karimali Panjvani (M.Sc.) Root phenotyping (Co-supervised with Dr. Anh Dinh)
Mohammad Wajih Alam (Ph.D) Florescence imaging in capsule endoscopy
Ali Melli (Ph.D) Dual-energy CT reconstruction (Co-supervised with Dr. Paul Babyn)


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