The College of Engineering has developed an internal procedure to allow faculty and staff one-time access to the building while it is closed due to COVID-19. Please follow the steps below to make your request.

Make a one-time access request

1. Please fill out a One-Time Access Request Form, detailing why you need access, to which room, and the date when access is needed.

2. Before entering the building, review the College of Engineering Biosecurity Protocol. You are required to follow these protocols when you are in the building.

3. If your request is approved, you will receive a Zone Map that will outline your point of entry and the path you should take to get to your requested room. Access to the College is restricted to the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

4. If you don’t have building keys, you will need to make arrangements to have technical staff from the zone in question let you into the building. A contact name will be provided to you.

Request to remove property

1. If you intend to remove college/university property, you must complete and submit a Declaration of Property Used Off-Campus Form.

2. Have your completed declaration signed by your People Leader (supervisor/department head).

Approvals and visit logistics

1. Submit the signed Declaration of Property Used Off-Campus Form and your completed One-Time Access Request Form to Tanner Tetreault, Facilities SBA OR Lowell Levenick, Engineering Shipper/Receiver and Key Custodian.

2. Lowell Levenick will provide a map and logistics to help you remain in the specified zone during your visit.

3. Inform Lowell once you have completed your visit so that your request can be marked complete.