Jamieson wins SOPD public speaking competition

The competition is open to students who have completed the Rhetorical Communication (RCM) 200 or 300 class at the Graham School of Professional Development.

Millie Jamieson won the 2023 Graham School of Professional Development (SOPD) Public Speaking Contest this spring.

First prize in the competition, in which students make a five-minute persuasive speech, is $1,000. Contestants are judged on several criteria, including content and structure of their speech as well as their credibility and command of topic, audience engagement and their polish, poise and vocal quality.

Jamieson's speech was about Mindfullness at the beginning of your day

The SOPD, based in the College of Engineering, was founded in 2012 with support from donors Ron and Jane Graham. If offers courses and certificates in areas including communication, tech entrepreneurship and leadership. The RCM 200 course, a core course at USask Engineering, helps prepare students to communicate effectively in a professional environment.