Picture of Tate Cao

Tate Cao MBA, MSc, PEng La Borde Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship & Assistant Professor Ron and Jane Graham School of Professional Development

Room 2A20.6 Engineering, Engineering Building

Research Area(s)

  • Engineering Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Medical Instrumentation


MBA, University of Saskatchewan, 2018

M. Sc., Biomedical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan, 2011

B. Eng, Biomedical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2008


Chief Operating Officer, DCZS Intelligent Systems Inc., Saskatoon, SK                          (2014- 2017)

(Assistant) Patent Attorney, NTD Patent & Trademark Agency Ltd., Beijing, China           (2012- 2013)

Software Engineer, Tsinghua University Spinoff (Now EngiMed), Beijing, China               (2007- 2008)




Refereed Journal Publications

  1.  N. Cao, X. B. Chen, and D. Schreyer, 2012, “Influence of Calcium Ions on Cell Survival and Proliferation in the Context of an Alginate Hydrogel," ISRN Chemical Engineering, 2012: 516461 (9pp).
  2. X. Y. Tian, M.G. Li, N. Cao, J.W. Li, and X.B. Chen, 2009 "Characterization of Flow Behaviours of Alginate/Hydroxyapaptite Mixtures for Tissue Scaffold Fabrication" Biofabrication, vol. 1, 045005 (IF: 1.857).
  3. X. B. Chen, M. G. Li, and N. Cao, 2009, “Modeling of the Fluid Volume Transferred in Contact Dispensing Processes,” IEEE Trans. on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing, vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 133-137.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

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