"What Is Engineering?" Recruitment Event

Come check us out at this virtual event

This is an online, interactive event where you can learn more about engineering AND get a closer look at RE-ENGINEERED, the brand-new first-year program at the University of Saskatchewan (USask) College of Engineering. 

You'll meet professors and students, get a sneak peak at our engineering labs and learn more about our co-op internship program, which will give you a headstart on your engineering career. And yes, we will answer the question, "What is engineering?"

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Are you an engineer?

Be a USask Engineer

Engineers are problem-solvers. They are creative, curious and care about the world around them. 

Think you're not the engineering type? Think again. Engineers are not all about math and science.

You'll also find engineers who are interested in entrepreneurship, music, the arts, social justice, technological innovation, medicine and more. 

We've RE-ENGINEERED first year

We’ve redesigned first-year engineering at USask to help you succeed and make engineering more fun. We call the new first year RE-ENGINEERED. It’s the only program of its kind in Canada. It will get you excited and inspired about engineering.

Our Engineering Majors

You will choose your engineering specialty – known as your major, or discipline – at the end of your first year. This is the area you will study in-depth in your upper-years classes.

USask Engineering offers eight accredited undergraduate engineering degrees. We also offer graduate degrees in those eight disciplines as well as in Biological and Biomedical engineering.

Transfer students

Students who begin their studies in a college other than the College of Engineering are encouraged to consult an Academic Advisor in the Engineering Student Centre to plan which engineering classes they will take, choose courses (including electives), and monitor their academic progress.


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