What we're exploring

  Providing solutions to better understand our natural resources and improve management of water, soil and air under increasingly unpredictable climate conditions

  Building on our excellence in water and wastewater research, sustainable energy and materials, and sustainable infrastructure

  Leading innovation in:

  • Climate change and pollution mitigation
  • Water management and wastewater treatment
  • Sustainable energy
  • Sustainable materials and infrastructure
  • Reducing environmental impacts in mining, manufacturing, agriculture, health care and other sectors
  • Integration of irrigation plans with groundwater perspectives to ensure sustainability of our water supply

Why it matters

  Healthy soil, water and air are critical to humanity, while envrionmental pressures like changing climate and weather patterns are increasing 

  The Saskatchewan government has identified the need to support environmental sustainability in the province's natural resource and manufacturing industries 

  Water security and water resource management, especially in agriculture, are key areas in Saskatchewan's economic growth plan

  The province is seeking long-term improvement to solid waste management