What we're exploring

  Growing our capacity in mineral extraction and processing and other areas related to mining and minerals

  Providing creative solutions to increase mining production while reducing environmental impacts and enhancing safety

  Leading innovation in:

  • digital, artificial intelligence (AI) and communications applications in mining
  • mining automation
  • geotechnical and geomechanical applications
  • energy and water use
  • environmental managment

  Strengthening partnerships with industry and research organizations

Why it matters

  Saskatchewan holds 50 percent of the world’s potash reserves and produces 30 percent of the world’s potash

  Canada is the world’s leading uranium producer at 20 percent of global production, all of which comes from Saskatchewan 

  USask Engineering is focused on partnering with the mining sector to solve challenges ranging from geotechnical problems in producing ores to adopting new technologies for improving safety, efficiency and environmental stewardship

  The world-wide initiative toward the "electrification of everything" will require a 1000 percent or more increase in mining activity

  The Government of Saskatchewan has set significant growth targets for production of uranium, potash, and strategic metals and minerals, as well as for mineral exploration