What we're exploring

  Building on our college’s excellence in smart grid and microgrid technology, grid modernization, distributed energy and sustainable energy integration

  Developing creative solutions to increase sustainable energy production and distribution

  Advancing application of nuclear energy technologies such as small modular reactors

  Engaging industry and communities in energy innovation

  Building on our existing leadership in biofuels and bioenergy and partnering with industry to provide solutions world-wide

  Expanding our excellence in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design and energy efficiency in buildings

  Enhancing our capacity to explore opportunities in energy-related materials

Why it matters

  The vast majority of the earth’s land mass experiences the same remote distributed power challenges as Saskatchewan

  Biofuels from agricultural crops, like canola, will drive the Prairie economy

  Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan identifies small modular nuclear reactors and bio-energy from Saskatchewan biomass as key areas for future net-zero energy

  Reducing energy consumption in the mining sector and decreasing the energy footprint of the built environment are provincial government priorities

  Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan for the Next Decade of Growth emphasizes SaskPower’s commitment to increase renewable electricity production to 50 percent by 2030