Razavi leads a research program aiming to develop modelling capability for predicting and managing change in Canada's seven major river basins.

Razavi selected as University of Bristol distinguished visiting professor

The U of B's Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorship is its flagship international research partnership program.

Dr. Saman Razavi

Dr. Saman Razavi, a joint appointment of the College of Engineering and the School of Environment and Sustainability, will be the University of Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professor in spring 2021.

The Bristol Benjamin Meaker Distinguished Visiting Professorship program was founded in 1976 from a bequest from the estate of businessman Benjamin Meaker. To date it has brought over 450 Distinguished Visiting Professors to the U of B.

Its purpose is to bring distinguished researchers from overseas to Bristol in order to enhance the research activity of the university. During their visit, lasting between one and three months, awardees will undertake world-leading, curiosity-driven research in partnership with U of B academics.

Razavi is the Principal Investigator of the Global Water Futures Integrated Modelling Program for Canada. It brings together scientists and stakeholders from five Canadian universities, as well as government agencies,  the private sector and end-user communities. 

During his term in Bristol, Razavi will collaborate with U of B academics and discuss his research at several planned events:

  • Public Lecture: Prediction and Management of Change in Water-Human Systems
  • Departmental Lecture: Elements and Tools for Sensitivity Analysis
  • Postgraduate Seminar: The Unique Hydrology of the Canadian Prariries

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