The Engineering Library space will become the University Library Learning Commons (ULLC) in the College of Engineering

New look, new purpose for Engineering Library space

When the space reopens this fall, students will find more room for studying and collaborating.

By Helen Power

The Engineering Library has always been a busy place, abuzz with students getting work done.

When it reopens this fall, there’ll be even more room for students to study and work together as the library’s entire print collection has been moved to the Science Library to become part of a larger and more comprehensive collection there.

The Engineering library space will now be fully dedicated to studying and collaborative learning and will also have a new name: the University Library’s Learning Commons (ULLC) in the College of Engineering. There will no longer be University Library staff present.

The entire Engineering Library print collection, which includes books, journals, conference proceedings, standards, codes, and audiovisual materials will now be physically browsable in the Science Library. This includes materials from the Engineering Library stacks and others that were once housed in storage. These titles will be interspersed with the existing Science Library materials, resulting in a more robust collection for users to browse and explore.

Helen Power continues in her role as Engineering and Science Librarian. She has an office on the second floor in 2B41 and is available by email at

She prepared this Q & A about the changes to the Engineering Library. Don’t hesitate to email Helen if you have additional questions.

Q & A

What will the new Engineering Library look like?

The circulation desk and the bookshelves will be removed from the space and replaced with individual and group study furniture. The printer, computers, and scanners will still be there. The existing group study rooms are still bookable online. There will be no library staff present in the ULLC.

When will the library be open?

The ULLC will be open during the hours that the Engineering Building is open. So, if you can get into the Engineering Building, you can get into the ULLC!

Where is the Science Library?

The Science Library is located in Room 180 of the Geology Building, which is completely accessible through the indoor walkways from the Engineering Building.

Does this mean that the ULLC won’t have books?

There will be no physical collection in the new ULLC. Books can be checked out and returned at the Science Library.

Is the ULLC in the Engineering Building only for studying?

In addition to providing more room for studying, the ULLC will be bookable by the college and the University Library for various events, such as conference poster sessions and first-year tutorial sessions.

Who do I ask if I need help?

There will be signs in the ULLC with contact information depending on what you need help with.

Printer issues should be directed to USask’s IT department.

If you have general questions about the library or need help using a specific online resource, these questions can be asked through the University Library’s Ask Us chat service.

If you need help with research, including finding different types of resources for your projects, evaluating these resources, identifying places to publish, or developing your online scholarly identity, please contact me, Helen Power.  I am the engineering subject expert, and my office is on the second floor of the Engineering Building, in room 2B41.