About Us

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of 5 departments with in the College of Engineering. Agricultural & Bioresource, Chemical, Civil & Geologicaland Mechanical Engineering. In cooperation with the College of Arts and Science, there is a program in Engineering Physics.

All programs in the College of Engineering are periodically reviewed and all have received continuous and ongoing accreditation from the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). The College ranks highly amongst engineering schools in both United States and Canada. “The 1999 Gourman Report on US National Educational Standards rates the College’s undergraduate programs as sixth in Canada and tenth highest in North America."

The Department of Electrical Engineering graduated its first student in 1948 and has since built an excellent reputation for itsprograms andgraduates. The program in Electrical Engineering is a foundation for employment in the fields of electrical materials and devices, computing systems, signal processing, communications, power generation, transmission and distribution, electrical machines, and electronic control systems. Graduates are able to apply for registration as professional engineers in all provinces of Canada.

First year students take core material that is common to all programs in Engineering. In the second, third and fourth years, emphasis is placed on electrical and computer engineering theory and practice. Some specialization is possible by choosing appropriate electives in the third and fourth years. Elective classes emphasize technology that is related to Canadian industry. The program integrates a foundation of basic science and engineering science, blended with ethics, technical communication and business skills to culminate in a final year design project conducted in a group setting similar to the work environment. The Department also participates in the very successful Engineering Professional Internship Program (EPIP) which places students in an industrial setting for 8-16 months between third and fourth year.