Graduate Program

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers degree programs leading to the Post Graduate Diploma (P.G.D), Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). Our department's graduate program is one of the largest on campus. In the 2006-2007 academic year, enrollment was 99 graduate students and 22 graduate degrees were conferred (19 M.Sc. and 3 Ph.D).

Graduate students conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member in one of four research areas. Our research programs and laboratories are supported by four technologists, and also by staff from the Engineering Computer Centre. Several professors emeriti continue to lead active research programs. The Department is home to two Canada Research Chairs, one in optoelectronic materials Dr. Safa Kasap, and the other in micro and nano fabrication, Dr. Sven Achenbach.The University of Saskatchewan is home to the Canadian Light Source (CLS), Canada's national synchrotron research facility.

A number of research projects involve industrial partners who provide funding, expertise, and access to special research facilities. As a reference, during 2006-2007, Electrical & Computer Engineering faculty received a total of $1.2 million in research funding, with about $527 thousand of this total coming from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Further information about our graduate programs, policies and regulations is available in our Graduate Student Handbook.

Prospective Students

Application for Admission:

Applicants should begin by reviewing Admission Requirements and completing a Pre-Qualification Form. Pre-qualified applicants will be notified by e-mail and may then download application forms from the Department's web site.

Application Fee:

The application fee is $90.00 (Canadian funds). The application fee cannot be waived or deferred and is not refundable. Fees are payable by money order or bank draft (drawn on a Canadian bank) made payable to the University of Saskatchewan. The application fee can also be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Email our graduate secretary for instructions.

Application Guideline:

Applicants are encouraged to apply for admission well in advance of the term in which they wish to enter the Graduate School (but no more than one year in advance) time is required to receive letters of reference and for the Department to make a recommendation for admission to the Graduate school.

Financial Support:

In their application, students should identify their financial status and state if attendance is contingent on receiving fiancial aid. The department employs about 20 graduate students as marking assistants and a limited number of scholarships and teaching assistantships are available. There is keen competition for this financial support.

  Submit Before All documents received Courses Start
Canadian Applicants

June 30
October 15

July 15
October 31

International Applicants

March 30
October 15

April 30
October 31


Current Students

Tuition & Funding

For graduate students, there are three four-month terms per academic year. The academic terms are September 1 - December 31 (known as Term 1), January 1 - April 30 (known as Term 2), and May 1 - August 31 (known as Spring/Summer). All Master's and Ph.D. students enrolling in a thesis-based or project-based programs fall under the Graduate Tuition Model. More information about tuition and fees for graduate students can be found at:

The Saskatchewan provincial government freely provides basic health insurance for international graduate students, as well as their spouses and children.

NSERC Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship (IPS) $21,000.
The College of Engineering and Graduate Studies and Research encourage prospective graduate students to apply for NSERC IPS awards that are intended to strengthen the Industry-University relationship.

CGSR Dean's Scholarships $18,000 and $20,000
Each year, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering nominates its top applicants for the Dean's Scholarship> competition. These awards are administered by the College of Graduate Studies and Research. The intent of the Dean's Scholarships is to attract high caliber students to the University of Saskatchewan. A Dean's Ph.D. Scholar receives $20,000 for a one-year term, with a possible 12-month renewal year pending satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree.The academic unit or supervisor must guarantee an additional (3rd) year of funding at the same level as above, which may require some service depending upon the source of funding. A Dean's Master's Scholar receives $18,000 in the first year of his/her program and, as above, the department or supervisor guarantees an additional (2nd) year at the same level of support, pending satisfactory progress toward completion of the degree. This matching support may require some service depending upon the source of funding. These awards are offered to students who have outstanding academic records, show research promise and are registering for the first time in a thesis-based (M.Sc., Ph.D.) graduate program. Preference is given to Ph.D. applicants and Canadian citizens.

*CGSR Dean's Scholarship students holding major scholorship can receive an additional $3,000/year.

CGSR Devolved Scholarships $15,000 and $18,000
The Department of Engineering participates in the devolved scholarship program of the College of Graduate Studies and Research, and receives an annual allocation of scholarship funds to be awarded at the department level. The department awards new Engineering Graduate Scholarships annually, on a competitive basis,to excellent M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. An M.Sc. Scholarship is worth $15,000 per year for a maximum of two years duration. A Ph.D. Scholarship is worth $18,000 per year for a maximum of three years duration. Scholarship recipients may be assigned some teaching and marking duties. New applicants, current students, Canadian students and international students, are considered, however, international students are advised to apply after completing one term of coursework. Scholarship Policy

Graduate Teaching Fellowships $7,500 and $15,000
The Department receives an annual allocation of Graduate Teaching Fellowships. Students are nominated by their supervisor(s) for these awards. To be eligible, nominees must: (i) be full-time students in good academic standing, and making satisfacory progress in their program; (ii) have a 2 year of average of at least 80%; (iii) have demonstrated teaching potential, and strong oral and written communication skills. A full Graduate Teaching Fellowship is worth $15,000 per year for a maximum of one year; the fellowship holder must provide up to 12 hours/week of teaching service to the department during the September to April period. A half Graduate Teaching Fellowship is worth $7,500 per year for a maximum of one year; the fellowship holder must provide up to 6 hours/week of teaching service to the department during the September to April period.

Sessional Lecturer
The ECE Department employs graduate students as sessional lecturers to instruct undergraduate courses.

Research Assistantships
Many M.Sc. and Ph.D. students without scholarship support receive funding from their supervisor(s) in the form of Graduate Research Assistantships. Assistantships range from $12,000 to $18,000 per year.

* Tuition Waiver (proposed)
Students holding NSERC postgraduate scholarships (PGS M, CGS M, PGS D, and CGS D awards) to be awarded a tuition waiver scholarship for the duration of their NSERC award.

*Russell Haid Graduate Scholarships
The Russell Haid Graduate Scholarships are administered by the College of Engineering. The awards are given out annually and are for an amount of $5,000 each. The awards are intended to be used as additional "top up" funding to attract highly qualified students into our engineering graduate programs. Theyare open to graduate students entering an M.Sc.or Ph.D. program (excluding transfer students from M.Sc. to Ph.D.) in the College of Engineering. The awards are open to international students and Canadian students. Preference will be given to Ph.D. applicants. Each year, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering can nominate up to 3 candidates for these awards. Eligible students must be starting their program no later than the second term of the academic year (i.e. in January of the following year).

*Centennial Merit Scholarships/Equity Awards $5,000
The Centennial Merit Scholarships were established by the Provincial government to recognize academic excellence and support Saskatchewan students attending Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions. The intention of the program is to keep some of our best students studying in the province. For each year of competition, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering selects one graduate student for this award. In addition, the department can nominate students for the Centennial Merit Equity Awards. The eligibility requirements for these awards are the same as the Centennal Merit Scholarships, with one addition, that students must be members of equity-seeking groups, which include Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, visible minorities and women. Eligibility: Fully qualified graduate students who are Saskatchewan residents, registered full-time, and have a minimum GPA of 80%.

*Teaching Assistantships
The College of Graduate Studies and Research, and the College of Engineering and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department fund graduate students as Teaching Assistants. Duties might include marking assignments and reports, demonstrating labs, or assisting students in tutorial or problem-solving labs. Students must apply for these positions and the selection process is competitive. Teaching Assistants are paid at a rate of $16.21/hour (effective May 1, 2007). The department may also hire graduate students as Sessional Lecturers. To be employed as a Teaching Assistant or a Sessional Lecturer, graduate students must have completed the Laboratory Safety Course. Graduate students interested in improving their teaching should consider the programs and resources offered by the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness.

* CGSR Travel Awards
The College of Graduate Studies and Research Travel Awards can provide financial assistance to graduate students to enable them to participate in academic-related conferences, academic competitions and other formal academic activities. Students who meet the eligibility criteria may be granted an award. The value of the award is $350 for Canadian conferences and $550 for International conferences. The Application deadlines are August 15 (for September to December travel), December 15 (for January to April travel), and April 15 (for May to August travel). Applications forms are available online at

Other Scholarships and Awards
The College of Engineering offers several Graduate Scholarships and Awards open to current graduate students. These are awarded annually on a competitive basis. There are also several awards administered by the College of Graduate Studies and Research. The College of Graduate Studies maintains a Scholarships and Awards Database.

* indicates funding in addition to major scholarship support