College of Engineering opens doors to broader range of students

High school students no longer need to take Calculus 30 in high school to apply to the University of Saskatchewan's (USask) College of Engineering, which is striving to attract more students - including those who may not have considered engineering before.

Engineering researchers and manufacturer develop technology to detect pump wear

A University of Saskatchewan (USask) research team and fluid power systems company, Wil-Tech Industries Ltd. (WTI), are partnering to develop monitoring technology for predicting the failure of hydraulic pumps - an innovation that will avoid costly shutdowns at mines and other industrial sites and help ensure worker safety.

Angie Bugg: Engineering Excellence

Angie Bugg (BE’85) has never let being a woman in a typically male-dominated field keep her from doing the things she wants to do, but she does recognize many women may feel those constraints.

Ning (Tate) Cao Appointed as La Borde Chair

The College of Engineering is happy to welcome Ning (Tate) Cao as our newest faculty member in the School of Professional Development. Beginning Friday, March 1, Tate will assume the position of La Borde Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship.

USask-led team develops climate control technology for year-round home comfort

USask post-doctoral fellow Farid Bahiraei is working with mechanical engineering professor Dr. Carey Simonson (PhD) and industry partner Soheil Akbari of SenergyK Innovative Creations (SIC) in Saskatoon to develop a novel climate control technology ( that will enable people to control the temperature in individual rooms or zones in a home, increasing their comfort and even saving money.

Canadian astronaut launches USask Spectrum science and engineering expo

Grade school and university students filled the chairs in Convocation Hall at the University of Saskatchewan last week for an opportunity to speak through a live video feed with Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, a member of the three-person crew currently on board the International Space Station.

People of the Plan: Trailblazer in tissue engineering

Mechanical engineering professor Dr. Daniel Chen (PhD) is working with an interdisciplinary USask research team from across campus to combine engineering and health sciences in the emerging field of tissue engineering.