Graduate Program Information

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.Sc.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).  In the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs, graduate students complete course work, and conduct thesis research under the supervision of a faculty member.  M.Eng. students complete course work and a project. Graduate student enrollment is approximately 80 students, and about half of our students are enrolled in the Ph.D. program. Our graduate program is one of the largest on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

General Information

Faculty members pursue research in six broad disciplines of mechanical engineering:

  • advanced engineering design and manufacturing
  • applied mechanics and machine design
  • bioengineering
  • control systems, robotics, and fluid power
  • fluid dynamics, thermal sciences, and energy
  • material science and metallurgy

The department is home to the Canada Research Chair in Nanoengineering Coating Technologies and the Canada Research Chair in Energy and Advanced Materials.   Research projects range from fundamental investigations intended to advance theoretical understanding to practical studies intended to solve current industrial and environmental problems. 

The department has well equipped laboratories, which include facilities that are among the very best of their kind in Canada. Research is also conducted on campus at a number of other facilities, including the Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre and the Canadian Light Source synchrotron. Our research programs and laboratories are supported by five department assistants, and also by staff from the Engineering Computer Centre, Engineering Shops and the Engineering Library. 

Graduates of our program have found that completing a graduate program has enhanced their research, communications and engineering problem-solving skills. This has opened up new career opportunities and increased their mobility, allowing graduates of our program to find positions in industry, universities, and government and research organizations across Canada and around the world.