Research in the department ranges from fundamental investigations intended to advance theoretical understanding to practical studies intended to solve current industrial problems. Research is supported by over 100 highly qualified personnel (graduate students, summer students, postdoctoral fellows, research engineers, research associates and visiting scholars). In 2007-2008, faculty received a total of $1.3 million in research funding.

A significant number of the research projects in the department involve industrial and government partners who provide funding, expertise, and access to special research facilities. Partner organizations are based in Saskatchewan, across Canada, and around the world. Faculty members are also active in professional associations, technical societies and editorial boards.

Advanced Materials for Clean Energy (CRC Tier I)


  • nuclear materials
  • hydrogen fuel and pipelines
  • nanomaterials
  • magnetic and electronic materials
  • texture and microstructure
  • simulation in materials science

Faculty: J. A. Szpunar

Advanced Engineering Design and Manufacturing


  • advanced design methodologies
  • computer-aided design
  • human-machine interaction
  • MEMS
  • precision fluid dispensing
  • robot design

Faculty: D.X.B. Chen, C. Zhang

Applied Mechanics and Machine Design


  • computational mechanics
  • design of flexible manipulators
  • dynamics and vibrations
  • experimental methods
  • finite element method
  • optimization

Faculty: A.T. Dolovich, R. Fotouhi, J.D. Johnston, W. Szyszkowski



  • bioinformatics
  • biomechanics
  • biomedical implants
  • medical imaging
  • nano drug delivery
  • tissue engineering scaffolds

Faculty: D.X.B. Chen, A.T. Dolovich, J.D. Johnston, Y. Shi, F.X. Wu, C. Zhang

Control Systems, Robotics and Fluid Power


  • artificial intelligence
  • dynamic systems and control
  • mechatronics
  • fluid power systems
  • neural networks
  • robotics

Faculty: R.T. Burton, D.X.B. Chen, R. Fotouhi, G.J. Schoenau, Y. Shi, F.X. Wu, C. Zhang

Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Science, and Energy


  • building science
  • computational fluid dynamics
  • experimental fluid mechanics
  • energy exchangers
  • fire science
  • heat transfer

Faculty: D.J. Bergstrom, J.D. Bugg, C.J. Simonson, D. Sumner, D.A. Torvi

Material Science and Metallurgy


  • advanced composite materials
  • failure analysis
  • nanostructured thin films/coatings
  • plasma and ion beam deposition
  • synchrotron applications
  • wear and corrosion

Faculty: A.G. Odeshi, I.N.A. Oguocha, D.A. Torvi, Q. Yang